I got a secret!


I got a secret!Yes I have a secret that YOU do not know and they do  know and if I do not back off “They will punish me with it!”

What might it be?

Is it that I am  Felon, well I am not the same man I was when I was a drunk 23 years ago. Are you the same person, I guess not. Are we both better then we where? My guess is yes. Does my past that long ago bother you? Too bad I do not care.

My Child Support issue?  Easy if you get divorced, get a lawyer. Do what the lawyer tells you. Note odds are your not getting back together, yes its sad, yes it sucks. Being nice to your ex in hope things will get you back together (expressly if drinking is an issue)  will not end well.


Funny thing I like to get a pardon for that it takes The Governor  and his pardon board. If/when it meets I will ask for one.

If I get it great! Thanks God, if I do not I will live. Other far better folks then I have not received and they have gone on to do far greater things then I.

Guess if I die without receiving one I will be dead as much if I had one.

FEAR THE UNIT. I have more trust in City Workers to resist being used as hacks then you do. I have trust that if they say something is wrong I like to keep my house up as you do, I see them as helpers in that effort.

So what’s the big secret? Well I know I am fat and old. Sometimes I do not dress well. I write and spell worth shit. Can’t be that.

That I want to fit in? No I could care I let someone else worry about how to fit in with those  who hate him/her or I want to agree to disagree. In Racine WI,  Politics here is very dirty very very dirty.IMHO to think that in Mayor Dickert’s Racine that you can get along with your political foes is just silly.

O.K. I will tell you what is is, SHHHHHHH    I DO NOT CARE, pure and simple.

If I do good in what I do talking about the sad state of Racine great! If not O.K.

One day and one day soon I be dead nothing then will matter, will it?

Once you have nothing to lose I and I do not why me worry?

Oh I also know better to hang out with Women I an not married to in Parks or on City Streets in Parked cars.





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