The Royal Court of Mayor John Dickert!

The Royal Court of Mayor John Dickert!

All Hail the Royal Court of this the Mayor of Racine once again rules over a City #1 in Unemployment!

Let us see who might play this the Royal Court in History!

John Dickert

Mayor John Dickert

Played  by:


Nicolae Ceaucescu!   Romanian dictator


Jim Kaplin  President of the City councle


Played by: Roscoe Arbuckle    Do not forget the Pop Bottle!

Cant forget Greg Helding who as I see it is under attack from all the Blogers! Must be hard for him to be part of “the GOP” as he as said and march lock step with the Mayor

imagesGHTo play him it must be the one and only:


Pretty Boy Floyd

Note you might want to be careful, He has a CCP and feels that the Bloggers are out to get him for the act  of  expressing points of view. You may be shot! After all He knows best!


City Administrator Thomas Friedel



Played by Joseph Goebbels


And last but not least we have


Brian O’Connell Director of City Development



Fritz Todit

Who else should be included?

Will Helding call the Police after all I have made fun of him again? Is the allowed under the  Mayor’s Police State?


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