Racine Speaks Out!



 Date 4/13/13  Time 6:30-8:00 PM  Location Racine City Hall 730 Washington Ave Room 205

Its time that we the people are heard by the Mayor and the Good Old Boys that run this city and running the City in the ground.
at 6:30 PM we gather in front of City Hall then march to 205 City Hall to sign in to speak to the Mayor and Council. We each have 3 mins to speak, if do not want to speak bring signs! Even showing up to show how upset we are with the “Leadership” of the City is huge!


Looks like folks in the City of Racine are getting mad as hell over events from CAR-25, The City Hall to now the remodeling of the Third Floor of City Call for before Change Orders Est Cost $650,000.  Of course we are being told the old   “Piles of money” BS, because the Mayor thinks the public  is to dumb to understand that Bonds need to be paid back and no one is keeping track of the total amount due and how much that will impact the City.

Thinking that the Mayor needs a hearing aid. I hear lots of anger (Note to Mr Helding 1) We have a right to peacefully assemble and speak seeking change 2) If you think this is really about hurting you please see a Dr, you need help.



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