So why are we



So why are we doing so much to keep Downtown Racine a float? What’s in it for say West Racine? or the Southside?

Many Properties are behind on taxes. If things are booming why? If renters are doing well Rents should be getting paid, so what’s the Story? What is the total amount owed in Property taxes in The Tifs in the Downtown area?

My guess  this is the highest concentration of Bars are in this area of Racine. How much Police resources are spent here? Are folks on The North side in jeopardy because they  are not the officers free that are needed elsewhere?

I expect that Case will be reducing the number of employees soon in downtown Racine.  Case is also NOT looking for more City Spending and are up to date on Taxes. They are not begging for money to prop them up from the City of Racine. They owe a duty to the shareholders NOT Downtown Racine. Case I expect will act that way.

J Wax too is up to date on Taxes and I believe if the economy goes south will seek to combine operations to save $$. Will that mean moving employees elsewhere?  I  so can see The Mayor of Racine begging J-Wax not to do so for if say 150 workers moved to The County  we see bushiness fail. The City has a lot riding on the image of a booming downtown. If as I am told that some in the Downtown are on the edge of failing. How do they make it?  Is the City’s job to keep them afloat?

Kinda of hard to maintain this image with empty store fronts.

Should your taxes go up to save the Downtown? Should your street light get turned off for the Downtown?

The raising  unemployment  rate will make any new store hard to say open. How many Bars can the Downtown support?

How does the Downtown draw more to shop when so many Property owners are behind on Property taxes?   How will the public react should the County start going after properties for being behind on taxes?

IMHO not one more $ gets spent until something is done about this issue on the Downtown.

I find it interesting that Fair and Cole won the primary. That those found to run by the Mayor for the seat was unable to win.  This is very bad news for the Business owners  in the Downtown that where counting perhaps on more City Spending.



2 Responses to So why are we

  1. Mary M. says:

    Case is safely behind TID 8. Tax life isn’t the same for them as it is for residents.

    It’s all about wealth transfer. The rest of Racine is paying for the party Downtown.

    Downtown doesn’t really need the Boaters or the Tourists – they just need the rest of the City to believe that while they tax you out of your home. The money is all Downtown. Racine residents are stupid, and the Downtown crowd knows that. They got yours. Why do you think the rest of the City looks shabby?


  2. Elizabeth B. says:

    It’s time for those whom Mayor DIckert is looting for the benefit of his friends to stop funding his agenda and DETACH themselves from The City of Racine. They need to consider Mt. Pleasant or Sturtevant. It would be in their best interest and give them millions in tax breaks.

    66.0227  Detachment of territory. Subject to ss. 66.0301 (6) (d) and 66.0307 (7), territory may be detached from a city or village and attached to a city, village or town to which it is contiguous as follows:
    (1) A petition signed by a majority of the owners of three-fourths of the taxable land in area within the territory to be detached or, if there is no taxable land in the territory, by all owners of land in the territory, shall be filed with the clerk of the city or village from which detachment is sought, within 120 days after the date of publication of a class 1 notice, under ch. 985, of intention to circulate a petition of detachment.

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