The State Controled Media of Mayor John Dickert Hero of Racine




You read about the total spent on the legal bill for the Mayor’s fight with Bill?

Did you read about how Mayor John Dickert WITHOUT an O.K. from the City Counsel?

Funny, until today when I read the Racine Communicator I did not either nor anyone I know hear anything on WRJN.

Why might that be?   the J-T and WRJN have reporters, both cover City Hall, yet nothing.

Might it be that  both will not report anything that our Mayor no Our GOD Mayor John Dickert does not want them to report?

Even the very strange stories coming out (You can see clips on the Communicator’s Web site) on CAR 25 is getting nothing.

I can only think that the Good Old Boys Media know that this (real reporting) will not allowed that only Pro Mayor Dickert stories will be allowed.  Only Stories that do not talk about the numbers of property owners behind on property taxes, questions about Park 6 and what might happen now that Mr. Homes has won his court fight.

Follow up on Delta Hawk, who is making Bank on Rootworks and their relationship with Mayor John Dickert will not happen, nor will stories on crime issues in Racine.

See that will make the Hero of Racine unhappy, we can not have that!

I feel that that’s one of the reasons CAR 25 had to be given by the Mayor to a pal he can trust to somehow prevent shows like mine to be shown to the public or The George Meyer Show for that matter. Nothing that puts our Hero Mayor John Dickert or the City of Racine in a bad light can be allowed!

After all if only Good news is allowed the BMW’s will show up! The rich whites in Northern IL will show up and spend $$ in downtown Racine! Because if they do not the Downtown is DEAD! Way too much money invested by the Good Old Boys for that!

However there are the bloggers who do report and talk about what is going on in Racine and will continue to do so.

What will our hero do to shut them up?  Will he use UNIT to do so?  Because IMHO all media in Racine must be controlled by the State nothing bad about the Mayor or the State of The City allowed!

Oh if Mayor John Dickert only knew what is coming to Racine he would shit bricks. If he thought CAR 25 programing was bad or the Good old boys or the wanta be good old boys think that the blogers were disrupting folks from Coming downtown they be packing bags.

Soon every car on I-94 into Northern IL will be able to hear the message of issues of Racine, folks using Racine in a Goggle search will be able to click and get video  to smart phones I pads on subjects that Mayor John Dickert not want seen.

The Hero of Racine He who thinks he controls all Media



Sorry The Hero of Racine!



Our Union smashing Money spending Mayor!




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