The Suicide Cult of Racine II


The power of The Suicide Cult  of Racine is huge in the minds of the members.

Kinda like me before I quit drinking, I thought I could quit any time some of them think Downtown has just so much to offer.

When I ask about issues the subject is changed, when I tell them that Waterford say does not think they should have to pay more money for Downtown, I get the old a stronger Downtown helps them! Of course it does I do hope then they come out for a New Arena for the Bucks, somehow I think that will be a long wait.

If I disagree they just get louder.

Excuses are made for The Mayor. The Mayor’s  Candidate  gets full support.

You try to explain that the Boaters are NOT coming to Racine and I get there is a plan …   Sometimes I can see them in the Bunker helping Hitler turn back the USSR at the Gates! They had a plan too.

After all the Mayor has the $$ that the Downtown needs so badly!  To see that money get spend on the Downtown all will be allowed, The Mayor can be the savoir!

Sadly when I question the spending vs say help the Homeless, I get put them on a Bus and force them out of town at the same time I get the old the out of town folks are coming in BMW’s  they will spend lots of money here because we have a good view!

Thing is Can you trust The Mayor  who goes back on his given word?  A Man who as I see it done some strange things to give CAR 25 to pals. Stories about the City Hall Bathrooms, issues on Park 6.

Then too they all most have to, who else has the money? No one, no one has the money to save Downtown Racine.

At least Jim Jones’s victims had a quick death. How long will the Downtown squirm before the spasms stop?

2013 will not end well for the Downtown.  Wait until the first Black buys a building at a tax sale that will be funny.




One Response to The Suicide Cult of Racine II

  1. Elizabeth B. says:

    The Field of Dreams delusion is strong – and it is just a fantasy! It is coming apart this year as the price of gas increases and Racine discovers that the Mayor has put the City in a debt death spiral for which there is no escape – bankruptcy MUST be declared to cast aside City contracts and try and force creditors to forgive debt or re-schedule it. Challenging the City Contracts is the last futile attempt at kicking the can down the road – one last time!

    Bankruptcy is assured for The City of Racine! It won’t be different this time!

    Residents of the City don’t need to worry who they elect – it’s already too late – they need to ask Governor Scott Walker to begin putting in place Emergency manager legislation similar to Michigan’s – as the City is now on an irreversible course to BANKRUPTCY!

    This is the Economic Firestorm that is awaiting Racine! All your property values go to -ZERO- and only the bills are left to pay.

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