The Suicide Cult of Racine have YOU joined? Editoral


So I get asked this all the time, if the Mayor is doing  such a bad job why do so business leaders like him?

Easy its the only chance they have.

A story

Image that your a Downtown or Uptown business or property owner.  You see the same things we all do our taxes going up more business closing.

From your books you too know that sales are not what you like them to be and you know from the Mayor’s own words that taxes will be going up.

You followed the Porter’s idea and may be asking what is going on with that?

You hear The Mayor talk about doing something with Uptown

You may think of selling out and getting out but you see from the property listings that you may not get what you need should you bail. What other choice do you have then to believe that Mayor John Dickert can change things around.  Often I have seen others put energy in foolish ideas (read Rootworks) because the the emotional investment (not the money) is too much to leave.

Would someone lie about what will happen with RootWorks Would they lie about how great they will make Uptown?

Yet we know that earlier ideas have failed (Artist relocation) (Delta Hawk how many Jobs have they created)  but if Dickert fails you lose your business perhaps your property.

As well you know that properties owing back taxes for Years have not been seized, perhaps you think that the City will not allow the county to take it. Perhaps you think your membership in the DRC protects you somehow, or you simply chose to believe that the Mayor will save you.

So when you read about what his plans are for CAR 25 you say nothing because he needs this CATV station to carry out his plans and maybe his pals know what they are doing

When you read about Park 6 or the Place on 6th St you think who cares about Black owned bars that play Hip Hop they need to close because well they (Blacks) might keep your customers away  so if a few laws are bent its o.k.,  and how dare  a higher court overturn a Racine Court

Does not the City Hall Bathrooms look nice? Great Roundabout! Too bad about Station 5 and we have more police then we need, the Mayor said he had crime under control.  Sad to heat about “Miss Smith” getting raped but the way she dressed…  If only the Blogers quit writing bad things about Racine, the Mayor said more boaters would come..

The road goes on like this until the day  the County does seize your building or the taxes you try to pay you do not have the money to pay them..  So you pack your bags to perhaps to be homeless and ask what happened?

Nothing to Mayor John Dickert he will still get paid he and others are in office, perhaps nothing to FOJ they know the Mayor and perhaps s got the word about say Case moving out or the massive  lay offs at St Mary’s so they could get out

As for you you joined The Suicide Cult  of Racine.

Fact many at Jonestown drank the Kool Aid offered them after all, would  Jim Jones realty hurt anyone unless he had to?

Just trust the Mayor dear after all he looks so nice on TV

4 Responses to The Suicide Cult of Racine have YOU joined? Editoral

  1. Elizabeth B. says:

    It’s simple. Ownership is nothing, control is everything.

    Ownership of property in the City of Racine is a liability. Others tell you how much you have to pay, IF you want to maintain ownership. Further, an ever increasing number of regulations, fees, and license requirements have been passed that increase the control the City has over that property. You have to pay to play – and if you object – well, depending on how big a deal it is, will depend the City’s response – and if you have no business, you have no income, and ownership is a liability.

    People in power know this game, and, unfortunately, the VIG has grown so large, and the regulations so great, that it is hard to find new players. How many new players have you seen in Racine? The base of successful players is well established and long term connections are there – however, notice that base of established players is also shrinking. Hence City Officials look the other way when preferred players don’t pay taxes.

    Loyalty is bought with salaries and benefits that are bloated beyond reason. The desire to become part of Team City of Racine is great. The rewards and benefits are great.

    When the City was expanding and growing, a little from everybody added up to a lot – remember to keep the amounts taken in light of inflation, but everybody got a piece of the pie. Today, it’s not so. It’s a struggle, and City Officials are looting – but it’s legal, and your option is to either play, or get out. SO you do what you must to maintain your income.

    What’s a business worth in Racine? What you can sell it for – and most aren’t being sold to a new generation of owners – they close up and leave. This is why Racine is slowly being abandoned. The fixed costs from the debts and obligations taken have made reform of the existing structure impossible. A new start is needed – which would be The City of Racine going bankrupt and then The City Corporation being dissolved, along with all of the debt being extinguished. That’s endgame.

    Until then, enjoy the game – the game of wealth transfer – from you to them. It can’t be fixed.

    • I think others are seeing this too. More are telling me that their kids are moving away to places with opportunities.
      Soon even the well off Northsiders are going to start seeing that there is NOT the disposable income to be able support dream businesses.
      I think in my life time the Downtown will be just like uptown. Few in Racine will be here to support the Art Galleries the high class bars.
      Just a vast wasteland

  2. Fire on the Mountain says:

    A great example was the last common council meeting. Helding’s long explanation why giving a liquor license to the bartender at allsports bar was OK instead of taking the license away which would have been undoubtedly done to a minority bar. No council members questions the vote, the Mayor’s legal team is to busy working with the local circuit court judge to get the taxpayer’s to pay for the mayor’s legal bills.And the beat goes on.

  3. Elizabeth B. says:

    Most of the top-10 states people are leaving are located in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions, including Illinois (60%), New York (58%), Michigan (58%), Maine (56%), Connecticut (56%) and Wisconsin (55%). According to Stoll, this reflects a consistent trend of migration from the Frost Belt to the Sun Belt states based on a combination of causes.

    The economy has been a major push factor for residents in the Frost Belt, particularly those in hard-hit areas like Michigan. “They had a terrific excess of people as a result of the collapse of the economy,” says Stoll. Detroit, the state’s largest city, has the highest metropolitan unemployment rate in the U.S. At 20%, it more than doubles the national average.

    Fewer and Fewer to pay the demands of governments out of control.

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