Welcome to Racine. We have Slaves! Lets take a look My thougts.


Its the beginning of Black History Month and as an mixed race man I see this month well as silly not because African_Americans have not done great things we have and then some its because we have  done and still do great things, so much so that as I see it the Good Old boys in Racine do not dare let us off the plantation fearing that   we stat expressing our rage by first marching on City Hall then RUSD and on the way stop at The NAACP of Racine and the Urban League  at the end of the march of rage a lot of Racine would need rebuilding.

Why do I say this?

Well RUSD has gone out of its way to be sure that few blacks get an education and a substandard one at that. See a educated population would find good work at good wages or leave this city to find it. A uneducated work force is only good for low wage jobs at fast food stores or temp companies that make big promises that somehow never come true about being hired full time.

Of course some Blacks get sucked into the Thug life insuring that the War on Drugs keeps the Military industrial Complex Humming along  ( I am temped to see how much money say RPD gets to fight the War on Drugs and how much the City itself gets in Program funds my guess its not a small number)  Good thing too is that Crack and Pot is good for  tranquilizing them., cant have them thinking or God forbid working some how to get a better life.

Toss in Free Food Free substandard housing (Owned by the Good old boys) and that’s how you keep a population down.

You keep them down by not only making sure hard Drugs flood the neighborhoods they live in be sure the Schools teach that only The Democrats care insure that RUSD makes it as hard as possible for Mom/Dad to be part of the kids education (See what the head of Unified said about Black Parents making chooses that they could not be trusted. How nice

When leaders start to rise in the Black Community have the Democratic Party Co Op them  should that not work demonize so the Whits fear them, do not worry about the GOP or Tea Party in the City of Racine come on, we are talking about Black folks.

One of the “Leaders” of the Tea Party in Racine told me that poor blacks need to be ship away down South, they feel better there.

Do not  even get me started on Blacks who want to own or start a Business that’s for another post and being Black History Month that be my focus.

Yes Racine WI we have Slaves!


One Response to Welcome to Racine. We have Slaves! Lets take a look My thougts.

  1. Lizzy B. says:

    Cory Mason is the Massa on The Democrat Plantation in Racine. His focus is on Root Works, Marsupial Bridges, and transferring wealth to Downtown Racine white business owners. At least the liquor, drugs, Quest card and section 8 housing owned by the good Ol’ boys will be widely available.

    Don’t worry – on election day you can get a ride to the polling place and a “KOOL” cigarette if you are willing to vote Democrat.

    Fleeing the job desert and excessive taxation of Racine is a color blind activity.

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