Racine For Sale


Coming back from home after production meeting for the Go Go Girls vs the Nazis (www.gogogirlsvsthenazis.com)   I came down Spring Street, could not help but notice all the new For Sales signs going up. Tuning into the Island Park area saw  even more new For Sale signs.

Sadly more small business   owners in Racine are telling me they are planing to sell out if they can or move out if they must.

Yet we are told by our betters that Racine is doing great we just have to think positively, worse we have Aldermen who think we can and want to pay more Taxes, after all The thing called Goverment must live even when the City is in Ruins.

As I am told the only businesses doing well are the ones who know the Mayor of Racine. Others well not so much.

Worse unless you are a Pal of Mayor John Dickert you are not allowed to give a service donation to a  City program that a Business owner may want to help.

Who will be left to pay Taxes, hell who will be able to pay taxes over the next say 5 yeas as RAcine falls into ruin


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