Has William M. Tweed possessed Mayor John Dickert? Editoral


Yet more interest is being shown into deals around the City of Racine, from The City Hall  Bathrooms to CAR 25 and now the Round About.  My understanding is that the City will be flooded by Open Records next week.

I plan to file one about an Email I am in,  from a Alderman, this email if is like I believe it is may allow my wife and I to get the hell out of this failing city.

More interesting is what is met by Responsible bidder? What would it take to get issues overlooked, a Phone call ? By who?  Would that not be documented?

Gets better I took a walk Downtown and asked random folks about the City and doing business here

the number one thing I was told “Better be pals with the Mayor.”  Wow Better be pals with the Mayor.  Asked why they thought that, a wide range of answers from some talking about the lack of Black owned entertainment businesses downtown to one young lady saying what a great view the Round About was from the 2nd floor of City Hall  and I should be sure to use the bathrooms.

The from out of town I asked, said basically,  why would I want to do something like that?

Good question why would I? Better question might be even with Mayor Dickert as I see it trying to control all media (He cant however)  many folks see our current leadership as being nothing more then a petty corrupt Dictator.

So what company does He think  will be? After all from what I have read THe Mayor gets phone calls all the time, where are they?

When taxes go up up up and property values going to hell less and less jobs (Name the last company to move to the City of Racine bonus how many has Delta Hawk hired?)  forcing many to flee who will take their place to pay taxes?

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