Dickert crushes foes! Will CAR 25 be the John Dickert is God Network



This is what I know of tonight, from what I was told this evening I now think it  looks like Mayor Dickert will win the fight about CAR 25.

Alderman Gregory T. Helding has send a Communication to Council  asking to defund CAR 25 and put the funds in the Contingency fund.

Aldermen Fair,Shields, and  Weidner have asked for a Committee Whole to talk about the whole CAR 25 issue. They want to know how any of the RFPs etc got going without debate

The President of the Council Kaplan has said that NONE (COW)can be done until 4/13 (why?).  This will prevent action or  the public from knowing more from  the COW that would have been broadcast on CAR 25

An Aldermen called a  member of the public saying very interesting things, how subjects scheduled on agendas are  being pulled and a committee known for Public input will now have none.     We all need to recall that WI is a single party consent state. Phone Calls can and will be recorded.  Those maybe played in Public.

So in the next few weeks look to see the end of CAR 25.

I predict that after a few weeks or even days after the defunding of CAR 25  the Mayor will feel that something needs to be done to allow Goverment meetings and the professional services monies will be used to pay for an outside contractor, because there is not a lot of $$ to use only Goverment programing  will be done. This means the end of Public access TV in Racine

Results as I see them:

1) Two City employees lose jobs

2) The many programs like Eat Right Racine  Racine In Ruins, The Church serves for shut in’s  will no longer be seen.

3)  The City gets sued.

I talked to a few elected  public officials who will try to fight this, but I have little hope.

My Shows will go on You Tube and other media outlets

In any conflict one does not win all the battles, even a mayor loss may not end a war.



Monday 1/14/13


There will be public comment at the cable Commission meeting

Other information given to me as in COW meetings may not have been accurate.   I do hope that COW meetings do take place unlike what I was led to believe.

I am just as confused as you are.

Note to others seeking to use this Blog as justification for actions



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