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Z Editoral


See right now the resistance is made up of just a few and we have little in power but that is changing and growing. Each day with what the Mayor does upsets more and more, many will not do anything but some will.

Each who acts to oppose Mayor John Dickert may chose many actions From just cursing  his name, maybe picking up a copy of the Racine Communicator, watching or reading Racine in Ruins.

Some may not shop at stores  that are owned by supporters  of the Mayor, even writing letters to the Editor is an act of resistance.

See I believe that   that Mayor John Dickert believes that all must “love him” or he feels bad and needs to get payback for this act of not knowing how great our Mayor is.

Any action that shows a Racine with any type of issue can not be tolerated

Since Z, The name I will call this group sees no hope in any help from The Newspaper The “Zombie” Station WRJN or our City Fathers, the only option is Z.

We may even signs like what we had before “Mayor Resign” show up again where Mayor John Dickert can see them.

One may think these actions mean little but as I see it the small acts will show others that there is a growing movement to  call out the Mayor and show the City and the Mayor what we truly think of him.

God Willing we can convince more to run for office and get good folks in office.

Oh here is something from the Go Go Girls vs the Nazis






War of the Flea

Mayor John Dickert is in the world of hurt.

You see as much Mayor John Dicker has a lot of power, and we have seen folks who stand up to him get punished be it Eric Marcus, Keith Fair, or even Chase Hendrix. All who got punished for daring to stand up to him, Looks to me if you dare stand up to Mayor John Dickert you are punished.

Marcus lost his seat as Alderman, Mr. Fair lost his bar, and Chase Hendrix was removed from the Cable Commission.

The list goes on.

However something is afoot. Looks like a movement is building to remove our Mayor from office or failing that create using Media to show the world outside Racine, that to them Mayor John Dickert is nothing more then a Bully,  who hurts others that say no to him or resist the Mayors efforts to enrich crony’s.

The Journal Times as many see the Paper will not help, the Aldermen for the most part are trained better and the ones who are not trained are disregarded, some set up to take a fall.

Yet Mayor Dickert should be worried for The Fleas know how to catch The Mayor off Guard in areas he can not control the World of the internet media.

The place where many in the City of Racine can tell the story of  how Mayor John Dickert has driven this once great City into a City in Ruins.

What I love is the numbers of folks around the world who will know quickly the events happening  in the City of Racine

Case in point I will be posting the video below to all my social Networks about 2000. I will also post it to sites around the world that film makers go to and news sites that cover what I see is scandal who knows how many more will see the trailer and be very interested in what in God’s name is going on in Racine WI.

Long live the Fleas

Denial is not a river in Egypt

Sadly I am seeing that this City we live in Racine WI, is not undertaking any planing for what is coming down the road. Events like the coming hike in Gas prices to The State of Wisconsin cutting back on “aid” to the City. We also can not forget the coming cuts from the Feds if we go over the financial cliff or not.

How hard would it be to call a few Meeting of the Whole and ask The City Fathers for ideas on what steps to take in order to plan for what is to come because it is coning.

Obama himself has said the cost of energy is going up, the EPA has started to shut down Oil production out West, this will make gas prices go up. Has the City have a plan for this?  The price of Gas going from $3.40 to $4.00 would not be good for our budget.

We are starting to see unemployment go up around the World many Counties are in a depression Greece, Spain, and Italy just to name a few. As the E.U.  tanks we will see a slowdown here, this means more unemployment   does the City have a plan should ours go from 8% to 12% or higher?

This would mean more leaving Racine (Less tax payers) More walking away from there homes (More Properties needed City Help)  All around good times.

Right now we are seeing housing prices crashing and an average of one forecloser  a day.

We have one empty Business Park (the old Jacobson site) commercial properties feaching .30 on the Dollar yet the City buying more site that will require 100’sK to fix up but the Mayor thinks that business so want to come to Racine.

When the new areas after huge investments stay empty with other commercial properties joining them what will our Mayor do?

Blaming Walker would not be a plan. However it will IMHO the only  thing The Mayor can think of

Perhaps he will put on Black Face and run around the Round About begging Obama to bless Racine.