CAR 25 or Mayor Dickert’s Waterloo Editorial


The fight for CAR 25 goes on. I have no idea how this fight will end.

The calls I get and I am getting them, the #1 question I get is why did the fight start and #2 what does he seek to gain?

As I believe I can answer the first, I can only guess at the second, however  I am not believing  the Mayor’s stated goal of making CAR 25 better. Only God knows the true why.

As much as the war has been entertaining to watch real City employees  have and will suffer from the War there is no good outcome from the  City.

Mr. Bryce who spoke at The Cable Commission meeting on Monday said and  I paraphrase ” This (RFP on  CAR 25) might get the City sued” Might? no it will get the City sued by one person perhaps more then one, and take down (Bankrupt) at least one friend of the Mayor.  This whole CAR 25 thing is just wild.

This are my observations:

Commissioner  Robert Krug answers  questions about the RFP / CAR 25 posted on this blog, are going to be followed up on to see how accurate they maybe, as I understand it old employers to include TV stations contacted.  An open records   request will be filled with the city for a copy of a “White Paper” on Broadcasting Mr. Krug claims to have written.

Members of the Cable Commission need to understand that they are public officials and CAR 25 war has brought them into the public eye.  We will see soon, I hope more about them all and links if any to the Mayor.

Men who have hated each other in the past,  have started talking, solved the issues of the past and started working together  not only to save CAR 25 BUT what to do to bring down the Mayor.

As I have been lead to believe one business group in Racine has dropped  a Dime on a long time friend of the Mayor’s  sharing info on past events for payback on both the Mayor and the FOJ.

At least one area newspaper is looking closer  at the City Hall Bathrooms and subcontractors involved. Open records may be coming

The Journal Times have started to send open records requests to the City over CAR 25. The Reporter covering this story (CAR 25) is pulling no punches.

More members of the public are coming to city meetings AND speaking out.

At the last City Council meeting  12/19/12 that I was at,the Mayor during public comment  some I have talked to saw Mayor John Dicket as a bully trying to control how the public can communicate with Alderman, and as one man said Can he trust a letter given to the city clerk  to be passed to his Alderman get to him/her if the Mayor does not want it to happen?  WOW.

The public is more and more seeing the Mayor as a Bully and a petty Dictator.

In this fight so far I have seen

Monday’s (12/17/12) night Cable Commission meeting

An alderman ( Ray Dehahd)  lie about scoring for the CAR 25 RFP)

The Chairman (Ron Thomas) call Dehahn out on the lie

The Chairman state that he had questions on the RFP and wants more transparency.

Other members thought the same about wanting more info

The Director of Information Systems Paul Ancona: 1) Say he had no idea about how the scoring worked on the RFP  he was in charge of. (what?)    2) That the City had talked to Sky Fall Media moving CAR 25 to Kenosha (Why  did the city talk to Sky Fall about this before anyone had won the RFP unless it was preselected?)

By my count 3 video cameras were going (Not including I phones) and one tape recorder. I and others are hoping to see the video from this meeting soon.

The Fiance Committee meeting the week before was also interesting:

Why if Mr. Hendrix proposal was taken off the agenda was Sky Falls RFP not taken off the agenda? One would think that if Alderman Hert needed to be there to hear Mr. Hendrix’s  proposal that he would need to be there for Sky Fall?

Why does the MIS director not have a clue when it comes to how companies  selected to receive  the bid information? Why did so much change between the two RFPs?

At the first Common Council meeting did the Mayor of Racine have info removed from desks of the alderman? in the 16 years I have been in Racine I have not seen this occur before. Why now?

Why as it looks to me does Mayor John Dickert NOT want Chase Hendrix to donate $10K to the city of Racine?

As I have been told by  long time community members its looking like Mayor John Dicker is in panic mode over the RFP on CAR 25

By my count the Mayor does NOT have the votes to give Sky Falls the RFP.

I stand by what I said last night.

Please put away the CAR 25 RFP. If you feel you must do another do it in away that is fair and open to all. This fight is doing nothing to help the City.

I and others stand ready to help promote the good things about the City if given the chance with CAR 25. The RFP is not needed  (Paraphrased)

My bet is the Mayor finds away to give the bid to Sky Falls the City gets sued. A lot of ugly facts come out about how the Mayor acts when he thinks he can get away with it.

2 Responses to CAR 25 or Mayor Dickert’s Waterloo Editorial

  1. Tom H says:

    It is rediculous the depths you idiots will go through to disparage honest people just to bring down the mayor. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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