Monuments for Fools Alexey Shchusev lives!



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Woke up this morning to find this in Today’s Journal Times:

Latest Root River corridor proposals include pedestrian, marsupial bridges


City revamping Uptown plan

The plans talk a good game but forget to talk about how much its going to cost or who is going to pay for it (we know it will be the home owners)

How many empty building are there in Racine? Do we need more?

The City is broke as the Mayor has said himself so much so he Mayor has called for donations to keep the city running:

Yet somehow all the grand ideas about will come about after we spend what we need to spend however much we need to after all our betters say we need to

I see this not only as in the Root River away to enrich the famous Friends of John with the added bonus of big lies to back failing promises  for Uptown how quick we forget Garry Becker and the money and games then. I do think like all Dictators like Stalin ” The role that monumental propaganda in different cultures had played in fostering such sacrifice was well known; whether it was a temple in Ancient Egypt or a Jesuit monastery. Stalin was a brilliant choreographer of mass ceremonies but he badly needed ceremonial locations, broad squares, straight avenues and lavishly decorated palaces.” (A Journey into Stalinist Moscow of the 1930s – 1950s) If only we cared if only the negative Bloggers would suit up! Racine would be so great! All Hail Obama!

Racine Property Taxes went up 12% this year how much more will they go up to pay for the Dreams of  glory and the big ego of Mayor John Dickert?



4 Responses to Monuments for Fools Alexey Shchusev lives!

  1. Lizzy B says:

    The City needs to get the tax and spend under control! The list of Racine Businesses and Individuals who aren’t paying their taxes is growing longer and longer! They can’t afford to stay in business in Racine because of City Hall’s spending problem. Look at all the Delinquent Taxpayers in the City of Racine: Kudos to Main Marine & Ski – according to County records – they no longer owe. Thank you. However – DP Wigley, according to County Tax Records, 234 Wisconsin Ave. hasn’t paid property tax since 2008 and owes $16,965.25 back property taxes. Worse still, they are on the DOR (above link) list for $25,239.15 in Sales Tax. Those unpaid taxes get passed onto those who can pay. Why does Racine allow so many to NOT pay their taxes?

  2. ggodmuls says:

    ODD – how the City seems to find money when it wants to – to spend for the things the Mayor wants – while services the City needs face cuts.

    City Revamping Uptown Plans – see JT.

    The city will likely hire a consulting firm to draft the comprehensive plan, said Interim Assistant Director of City Development Matt Sadowski following the press conference, seeking “requests for qualifications” sometime early next year.

    Uptown Artists idea didn’t pan out – what did the taxpayers spend on that loser – with no return? Throwing good money after bad and racking up more debt for the property owners of Racine – the only plan the City has. Didn’t Johnson Wax toss some money the Uptown way and forever win a tax exemption?

    SC Johnson used considerable influence, resources and ingenuity to convince former Mayor Gary Becker and Gov. Jim Doyle to approve a property tax exemption for the company’s Frank Lloyd Wright buildings and the new Fortaleza Hall, according to company emails obtained by RacinePost.

    Hire a consulting firm…. how about taking that money and continuing to demolish the empty, abandoned and dilapidated buildings there and creating simple green spaces. Uptown businesses moved out West, where the action is, or simply closed up – they had no market value. Uptown is not coming back. Facing reality will be cheaper in the long run.

    “requests for qualifications”

    What are the “qualifications”? Cui Bono? How many relationships there are between individuals employed by private companies and elected officials? That seems to be the Racine way.

    I checked County records again.

    1516 Washington Ave. owes $7,647.68 since 2009. Assessed at $57,000
    1518 Washington Ave. owes $27,683.09 since 2009. Assessed at $198,000

    1516-1518 is still listed: Truly a diamond in the rough, this property is the former location of Tradewinds Bar and Banquet Facility. The property consists of two tax parcels and features a total of four storefronts along Washington Avenue. Second floor consists of 3 apartments plus an area of former office space (Now dismantled). The tavern features a large lower level with large meeting area and former banquet facilities. Note that most of the fixtures and bar components have been removed.

    Priced to sell for the grand sum of $69,900 – and no one still wants to buy these properties.

    Never let an Opportunity to spend more taxpayer $$$’s go to waste – eh?

    Tricky Dicky
    December 12, 2012 at 11:15 am

  3. ggodmuls says:

    Something which I have been wondering about – and researching – and now I am asking for help – because I can’t seem to find what I am looking for.

    Where does the Mayor of Racine get the authority to issue “Executive Orders”?

    From JT:

    Racine Mayor John Dickert signed an executive order last year banning concealed or unconcealed weapons for non-law enforcement personnel on city-owned, -occupied or -controlled buildings or structures to address state concealed carry legislation, which went into effect in November 2011.

    I have looked extensively, and can’t find ANY authority, or description of a Mayoral Executive Order power for Wisconsin Mayors. It simply doesn’t exist. Do YOU know of which law authorizes Mayor Dickert’s Executive Order – OR did Mayor Dickert usurp authority and conduct an illegal act?

    I found this one item – describing the Executive Order authority of the Governor –

    Governors have many tools to coordinate state government business
    and ensure that the laws are faithfully executed. One important
    tool is the executive order. Executive orders are not defined by law
    and courts have not identified when executive orders have the force of
    law. Even the constitution is silent about executive orders. Nevertheless,an executive order is best understood as a formal declaration by the governor, reduced to writing and deposited with the secretary of state, which may have the force of law if issued pursuant to authority granted the governor under the statutes or the constitution…

    The legislature has given the governor the power to accomplish
    certain objectives by executive order.

    Click to access gw_34.pdf

    John Dickert has none of the qualifications listed above to issue Executive Orders.

    SO – I went to the City of Racine Municipal Ordinances and searched them. I could not find a mention of Executive Order, a definition of Executive Order, or anything pertaining to Mayoral authority to issue Executive Orders. I found no place where the Common Council authorized the Mayor to issue Executive Orders.

    This is what I found:

    Sec. 2-118. – Action on resolutions

    Every resolution, when introduced to the common council, shall be referred to an appropriate committee or committees for consideration, unless otherwise directed pursuant to section 2-122, unless such resolution is presented pursuant to a committee report item previously approved by the common council or is a preliminary resolution presented pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 66.60. When the committee’s action is reported back to the common council, the council’s action on such report shall be deemed to be the final action on such resolution.

    Sec. 2-119. – Action on ordinances

    Every ordinance which is introduced for the common council’s consideration shall be referred to an appropriate committee for its recommendation. When a recommendation on such ordinance is reported back to the common council by the committee report, the common council is deemed to have taken final action on such ordinance when it acts upon the committee report.

    Sec. 2-125. – Majority vote

    A majority vote of the members present in favor of any proposal, ordinance, resolution and appointment or other matter shall be necessary for the passage or approval thereof, unless a larger number is required by statute or other rule.

    Where does the Mayor get the authority to issue Executive Orders?

  4. Mary M. says:

    RUSD refunds debt to pay debt – issue more debt. When does it ever change?

    By way of a resolution adopted May 21, 2012 (the “Authorizing Resolution”), the Board authorized the issuance of general obligation promissory notes in an amount not to exceed $42,250,000 for the public purpose of paying the cost of energy conservation and efficiency projects, technology upgrades and improvements, remodeling, rehabilitations and repairs at all District facilities, including maintenance projects and related equipment (the

    On October 15, 2012, the District authorized the issuance of $10,000,000 Note Anticipation Notes (the “Notes”), which provided interim financing for a portion of the cost of the Project. The Notes are dated November 1, 2012, are due to mature on November 1, 2013 and are callable at par on February 1, 2013 or any date thereafter.

    The proceeds of the Bonds will be used for the purpose of current refunding the Notes on or about February 1, 2013. The District intends to issue $24,000,000 of the amount authorized by the Authorizing Resolution in Spring, 2013. The District intends to issue the remaining portion of the amount by the Authorizing Resolution in 2014.

    Well, the first time around the taxpayers gave RUSD $10M they were supposed to fix the schools – they spent it on an Admin. Bldg. Looks like they have enlarged the agenda and took on more projects. How much more will David Hazen have to raise the tax rate in 2013 to cover for the revenue that will be tied up in debt? It never ends.

    Abolish RUSD!

    By way of a resolution adopted May 21, 2012, the Board authorized the issuance of general obligation promissory notes in an amount not to exceed $42,250,000 for the public purpose of paying the cost of the Project.

    As required by the Wisconsin Statutes, notice of the adoption of the Authorizing Resolution was published in the required newspaper on May 25, 2012. The Authorizing Resolution was subject to referendum if, within 30 days after publication of notice of adoption of the Authorizing Resolution a sufficient petition requesting a referendum would have been filed by the electors of the District. The petition period expired on June 25, 2012.
    By way of a resolution adopted on October 15, 2012, the Board authorized the issuance of its Notes for the purpose of providing interim financing for a portion of the Project, which Notes were issued November 1, 2012.

    Click to access 1_57762.pdf

    Click to access 65_57809.pdf

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