Please Read and tell others. (Letter to Editor coped from Racine Uncovered)

My company, AdEasel® (Adaptive Easel, LLC), is offering a minimum $10,000 Sponsorship Donation to help support CAR25 and the city of Racine. We are very interested in making a positive contribution to the city, and our offer will add new programs, services, and free training workshops available to everyone in the community. This donation will greatly benefit CAR25 as well as the entire community at absolutely no cost to the city or its residents, and will create opportunities for more community programs and partnerships, as well as greater long-term sustainability.

I served as Chairman of the Cable Television Commission for 5 years, and would like to continue contributing to CAR25 and the community. My company and I are prepared to make a significant investment to help. We have built a very successful full-service marketing and advertising agency over the last 13 years, and continue to grow each year, with high-paying, full-time jobs available right now in addition to ongoing part time, contract and internship programs (Racine designers & developers please apply),.

We have successfully implemented similar programs with other cities and organizations such as the City of Chicago, Chicago Loop Alliance, Northwestern University, and Iowa Community Action Association, in addition to working with businesses and brands around the nation and world such as Blue Cross Blue Shield®, Hospice of America, Electrical Power Products, Pierce Distribution, Harley-Davidson®, Navistar International®, First Degree, Body-Solid®, and many more.

Very simply, we would just like to help provide new, absolutely free programs, services and training workshops for CAR25 and the entire community. We are the first company to step forward to offer a sponsorship donation to CAR25, but hopefully not the last. I want to make sure that our Aldermen and Community members are aware of our $10,000+ Sponsorship Donation Offer, and have enclosed a copy of the documents we provided at last Tuesday’s Common Council meeting. My local Alderman, Terry McCarthy, graciously offered to distribute these documents, and placed a copy on each Alderman’s desk at Common Council about 10 minutes before the meeting.

To my surprise however, many Aldermen did not receive these documents, and they were even literally taken out of Aldermen’s hands. These were official documents and communications from my business that were notarized by the city clerk, and on the agenda, with hard copies printed for all of the Aldermen (see attached files and Common Council agenda: and

I have since learned that Mayor John Dickert had instructed a city employee from the MIS department to remove these documents and throw them away, and also that City Administrator Tom Friedel told Ald. Ron Hart to disregard what I had to say just minutes before the meeting.

I made a short presentation to Common Council, and they unanimously voted to address our donation offer at the next Finance & Personnel meeting, Dec. 10, 2012. On the morning of the Dec. 10, 2012 Finance meeting however, I received an email stating that my item was not on the agenda because Ald. Ron Hart asked that it be removed under the excuse that he could not be there. Ald. Hart already heard our initial presentation at the previous Cable Television Commission meeting, had a printed copy of our donation offer from that meeting, and then heard it again at Common Council. This really made no sense why just this item was removed when no other communications were removed, and even a new item was added as a direct referral from Mayor Dickert related to outsourcing CAR25. I had already changed my schedule and still attended the meeting, ready to make a presentation and answer any questions they had, but was told that they could not discuss my donation offer since it was removed from the agenda, and there was no vote on the issue. So now our donation offer has been tentatively deferred until sometime in January.

As far as I know, there are not any other companies asking to make donations like this that will benefit everyone equally from students to small businesses to organizations. I certainly hope that other businesses and community members that are trying to make a donation and positive contribution to the city are not given the run-around like we have received from our Mayor and City Administrator.

With all due respect, Mayor Dickert, Tom Friedel, Ald. Hart and Ald. DeHahn really do not understand the technicalities of user interface and experience design, search and social marketing, custom application development, opt-in and responsive marketing, brand management, programming platforms, on-demand streaming, or live broadcasting, not to mention PEG regulations, but somehow they are playing an instrumental role in impeding our donation offer, and are separately attempting to outsource channel operations to a for-profit company from Kenosha.

I am hopeful that despite this, the rest of Common Council and the Community would be in support of accepting our donation, working together with to expand upon CAR25’s success, maintaining fair and equal access, and developing new free programs that will help build communication and job skills, improve local businesses or organizations, or help to create new ones. If our donation is accepted, and we can work together to keep CAR25 managed the way it is with additional sponsorships, we will further pledge a larger donation to help rebrand the city and improve our city web site and marketing programs.

Racine needs to make some changes to how we do business, while working to improve our perception both internally and externally, and we would be very excited to collaborate with any other businesses or community members that would like to be involved. This should be a much more positive process. Let’s work together to do what is right for CAR25, and what is best for our entire community.

Chase Hendrix
President & CEO, AdEasel
Former Chairman of the Cable Television Commission





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