Denial is not a river in Egypt

Sadly I am seeing that this City we live in Racine WI, is not undertaking any planing for what is coming down the road. Events like the coming hike in Gas prices to The State of Wisconsin cutting back on “aid” to the City. We also can not forget the coming cuts from the Feds if we go over the financial cliff or not.

How hard would it be to call a few Meeting of the Whole and ask The City Fathers for ideas on what steps to take in order to plan for what is to come because it is coning.

Obama himself has said the cost of energy is going up, the EPA has started to shut down Oil production out West, this will make gas prices go up. Has the City have a plan for this?  The price of Gas going from $3.40 to $4.00 would not be good for our budget.

We are starting to see unemployment go up around the World many Counties are in a depression Greece, Spain, and Italy just to name a few. As the E.U.  tanks we will see a slowdown here, this means more unemployment   does the City have a plan should ours go from 8% to 12% or higher?

This would mean more leaving Racine (Less tax payers) More walking away from there homes (More Properties needed City Help)  All around good times.

Right now we are seeing housing prices crashing and an average of one forecloser  a day.

We have one empty Business Park (the old Jacobson site) commercial properties feaching .30 on the Dollar yet the City buying more site that will require 100’sK to fix up but the Mayor thinks that business so want to come to Racine.

When the new areas after huge investments stay empty with other commercial properties joining them what will our Mayor do?

Blaming Walker would not be a plan. However it will IMHO the only  thing The Mayor can think of

Perhaps he will put on Black Face and run around the Round About begging Obama to bless Racine.


2 Responses to Denial is not a river in Egypt

  1. Elizabeth B. says:

  2. Save us Obama Save us! I Mayor John “I hate CAR 25” Dickert beg you!

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