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Cult of Mayor John Dickert!

As you my know Dr Dean Bertram from Australia is visiting the State of Wisconsin as part of his tour of the States, I know Dr Bertram  well and he made it a point to call me to come on my Podcasts Indy Film Wisconsin and Go Go Girls vs the Nazis (see the teaser at http://www.gogogirlsvsthenazis.com  This film will be shot in Racine Spring 2013).

The god Dr made it a point to read this Blog, Racine Uncovered and others to get an idea of this City as I have written before.

Yesterday we talked again and well lets say it was a wild time, you see the good Dr studies Cults in fact got his PHD in that and……

After that phone call I am beginning to think that Mayor John Dickert is running a Cult!

Lets see

Extreme leadership, someone forceful enough to impose ideas that don’t pass muster in the light of day.  From the idea that Racine has no crime its all a perception. This idea is told and retold all the time

Information control, discouraging members from reading criticism about the group.

Good example is look at Dickert’s trolls who attack any who may say anything our fearless leader may not like. Another is the attacks on CAR 25 All outlets must be under his guidance.
Untoward secrecy doctrine should be knowable to outsiders
We love our closed doors in Racine and lack of returned phone calls. Why should we have a need to know should we simply not trust the Mayor of the City of Racine?
Other points
A cult needs to recruit and operate using deception.
Think NSP, why has the newspaper not covered it? Why did Bill “X” get is so much trouble what I understated as telling about issues in that program?
Why so much secrecy about Dickert’s deal with the City he sighed a letter saying if he was found to be acting as John Dickert not Mayor John Dicker he would pay his legal fees yest somehow that has not happened why?
How has the Journal Times been co-oped into the Cult?  My guess is that the legal bill issue alone be a very interesting topic to report on but I have read very little
The group displays excessively zealous and unquestioning commitment to its leader
We see this Mayor John Dicker is seen by his core group of followers as all knowing the source of all good things (or at least City contracts). If you in public criticize the Mayor you are evil and treated that way.
The group is preoccupied with making money.  off the tax payers, think NSP, think City Hall Bathrooms.  
Good news is that once Our cult leader is seen as just as some might say a poor excuse as a Mayor
the whole house of cards comes down.
What might you think?

Land of Oz!

I have a pal vising the area from Australia, where his is not only a film maker but writes Freelance  for many magazines there and I think a few in the States.

Today we not only talked about the elections but the City of Racine.

Send him not only  the links to this blog but Racine Uncovered  the Communicator. He called a few hours latter and was well amazed from what he read. He did not know that Racine was part of Detroit, I had to explain that no Racine was many miles away. However we are like Detroit in many ways, sum buildings empty buildings high unemployment and a failing school system.

Dean was amazed at this and of course I sent him the links to the State of Wisconsin sites for proof.

I send him the links to the site that also holds the photos of  buildings we have here that are well in ruins. I made sure I gave him the links to my You Tube shows and my Podcasts I have done.

From what I understand he enjoyed them greatly.

Best of all Dean is planing to share my information to Urbain Studies guys at the University of Sidney.  He hoped that his pals would believe that this was not part of his Sci-Fi films he makes.

So just think, Australia soon will know how great Racine is!



Looks like I was wrong on the Swimming Pool.  The Ice Rink and other parts of what I thoght go on with Root Works its too early  to tell.

I was very wrong about the election.

The outcome will only serve to speed up how fast Racine goes to hell. More to come on this.

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Packing your bags?


Just in a few days we will know how screwed Mayor Dickert is. Thinking that Obama is out of office (YES!) that the GOP has both Houses in Washington and in Madison (YES!!!) and as I said before the Grants to the City of Racine drys up, we have no money the budget cuts are coming down the pipe.

You the reader may recall that time and again I have begged the Mayor to bring everyone together to talk about how as a Citywe would handle this upcoming event.
Sadly that did not happen, our Mayor is acting like he and only he knows best and we just should shut up pay our taxes and kick into Racine Fair Share, a program that so far has netted the City nothing.

From today’s Journal Times 11/3/12  http://www.journaltimes.com/news/local/dickert-proposes-charging-villages-for-routine-fire-calls/article_9686623e-2633-11e2-8dec-001a4bcf887a.html Our Dictator as Mike Shields call him is now saying he is going to charge ” I am going to charge them to utilize my services and my people,” Dickert said.” How is that going to work out? Will  Mt Pleasant retaliate and charge The City of Racine for help with Police Calls? I would after all I think that Racine calls on MPPD far more then Mt Pleasant calls on Racine.

As well there is the whole idea about regional co operation, or this there?  Can Racine get away with being a big bully? I think not.

Racine is quickly falling apart drive by the old RUSD HQ see all the boarded up homes less then two blocks away.  Driving with long time resident of the City I found it sad to see an area that makes Frank Ave look good.

Back to the point there is nothing keeping us here. Some can sell their homes and move others as we have  seen simply walk away.  This will  go on more so once we start cutting basic services like Fire.

An increase in our tax bills will only encourage this what are we getting for our taxes? The happiness that comes from paying the Mayor’s legal bills?  Being #1 in unemployment? A new Footbridge across the Root River for the rich and white downtown Racine?

The Mayor should know that every time a home owner leaves the City its one less person to pay taxes and perhaps one more rental unit that will need city help and cost the City money.

I am making plans to get out perhaps you should too.




I have been asked as part of the live “TV”  show to hold a Peoples trial   of Mayor John Dickert for crimes on the City of Racine.

I have a prosecutor a jury the whole 9 yards and have whoever come and testify   on the Dickert administration and what has happened in Racine over the last 4 years.

Mind you this be a drama and nothing more then a drama. Perhaps with the information coming out in the “Trial” might help education the voters of the City to vote him out of office and not elect him to any other office. That’s about it.

Question is this should I?  On one hand it be fun but on the other its kinda of childish. What do you think?