Referendum on Mayor John Dickert and far worse Taxes we could be facing

I like to remind the Mayor that he can raise Taxes if he wants raise taxes he only needs to get a referndum passed to do so.

Want proof?  What process must a municipality follow in order to obtain permission from the electorate to exceed the state-imposed property tax levy limit?

The state law imposing a property tax levy limit on municipalities, sec. 66.0602, Stats., provides that the levy limit may be exceeded if the governing body approves a resolution to that effect and the resolution is approved by voters at a referendum. The process is set out in sec. 66.0602(4).

The link to the process is here:{FDAA9A25-FE55-486D-8EFA-08AC22895822}&DE={3EF3394F-ABDF-4BA0-8EB9-900F9DE7DDC5}

Now why has he not started the effort to do this? Is he worried that it would not pass?  Perhaps getting the Sheep thinking for themselves? Can’t have that The Sheep must not be allowed to think for themselves.

What can the Mayor do to find more money to blow on silly projects like RootWorks  in a time of great economic turmoil?  Why this is right up his alley a Wheel tax! Dickert could say its for his Green Ideas that would bring jobs to Racine.

Although very few have done so, every Wisconsin city and village is also authorized to impose an annual vehicle registration fee (“wheel tax”) on most of the motor vehicles registered in Wisconsin and customarily kept in the city or village. Sec. 341.35(1). The motor vehicles subject to such a fee include automobiles and motor trucks registered under 341.25(1)(c)., at a gross weight of not more than 8000 lbs. Sec. 341.35(1), Stats. This fee does not apply to any vehicle that is exempt from paying a state vehicle registration fee or any vehicle registered by the state under sec. 341.26., for a fee of five (5) dollars. Secs. 341.35(2)(a) and (b), Stats.

Now this be an easy tax to avoid not that we would ever want to not pay  our fair share so Mayor Dickert could bring Green Jobs to Racine. We all see the long lines of Business Owners at City Hall just begging to come to Racine WI.

Do you think the Mayor is planing to find more ways to make us pay fees/Tax us?

Just look at your recycle cart and get back to me.

Will we have a Wheel Tax? Will we be forced to buy City Garbage Carts and pay a pick up fee?

Will the city charge a fee to place TV dishes on your home?


One Response to Referendum on Mayor John Dickert and far worse Taxes we could be facing

  1. Downtown Braun says:

    The Mayor is hiding tax increases through increased borrowing. That is why the monies dedicated to debt service increase so steeply each year. NOW – this borrowing would be OK, IF there was a return, such as an increase in the tax base and greater economic activity, resulting in a greater returns than what was spent. Sadly, this is not true, and Racine is locked in a debt death spiral which will end in economic collapse for Racine.

    The fools who stay in Racine and their money are being parted – and only their debts and economic pain will remain. The empty and abandoned stores and homes stand as a testament to this Road to Ruin.

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