Its all Walkers fault!




I was going to write about the Cable Commission meeting on Monday, how ever there are better  out there to do that nor do I want to in error do anything to disrupt the disrupt the upcoming fight at City Council  nor legal cases coming from that meeting.

Guess the City of Racine has more $$ then I thought for lawyers.

I will say I thought it was interesting that Mayor Dickert and Mr. Dehan both did the song and dance about how our City’s money issues is all Governor Walkers fault.

Shocked I was! I did not know he (Walker) did the City’s Budget !!

I understood that the Mayor with our City Fathers did that!

Sadly this is becoming the excuse Our fearless leader is using to deflect rage at his actions from ripping up Union Contacts to firing City Staff so shall I say more “Nicer” “useful” staff can take their place.

Just so you know City Spending went up this year at the same time our Mayor is saying we have no money as he plays games with with residents of Racine.

Sadly this is not going to change anytime soon.

Welcome to Racine where our Mayor only cares about him and his cronys

One Response to Its all Walkers fault!

  1. Downtown Braun says:

    John Dickert uses excuses to cover his lack of positive Leadership skills and ability to deal with reality. Racine sure elected a LOSER! It’s likely Racine will never economically recover from the mismanagement of City finances and reckless borrowing of John Dickert, Tom Friedel, Greg Helding and Jim Kaplan. Their incompetence will drive the final nail into the coffin of what was once a prosperous City.

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