A return to who behind on taxes.

As I see it elected offices need to be up to date baring illness or some type of tragic happening on property taxes.

Doing the research on Downtown Racine, I found tome interesting information on property in that area.

I will be posting that soon with question to you the readership.  Let’s see what happens when we expose the  light of day to the Good Old Boys

2 Responses to A return to who behind on taxes.

  1. Downtown Braun says:

    There’s LOTS of property tax deadbeats in Downtown Racine to choose from! It’s *SHOCKING* when you see it’s some of the City’s “Best” citizens – and their relationships, and Lawsuits on CCAP – and who’s evicting who!

    Should be fun! Can’t wait for the names and amounts to be revealed!!

  2. That’s the interesting part, the connections. Are some being treated better then others due who they know or connections to elected offices?

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