Do not look behind the Curtain

So the City Leaders passed the budget last night and saved the Fire Station and the Community Centers that was looking at reduced hours  and the happy dance was danced, best of all evil Mayor John Dickert was put in his place the world RECALL was use others talked about running for office go us.

At one time even a few weeks ago I would have Happy Danced too.  Now however I have looked behind the curtain and I have seen what was there.  Simple we got played nothing truly was changed as we danced the Mayor got what he wanted mostly and he will come back for his Fire Station.

He was able to fire the Grant Writer, now I was not a big fan of the job but I thought the way she was fired was shitty.  I also cant wait to find out who will be taking her place, a Blond or Brunette do you think?

The Mayor was able to get us use to the idea of paying a recycling fee after we paid for the carts that fee is here will stay and will go up.  Go us!

We  where so caught up  in the effort to save #5  that the Mayor was able to do  more spending via Bonds that will cause our debit serving to go up yes Bonds have to be paid back.

Sadly we can talk recall and running for office all we want. However Recalls are hard to do and cost money, there also has to be someone will to run for say Mayor when the Paperwork gets started.   I see no one willing to do that.  Nor do I see the cash ready to be donated to someone who might be willing to.   I think that the Mayor is not more then willing to fight a recall. one he would easily win.

As I see  it there are for a lack of a better word infiltrators  with in the Tea Party and other groups who may be planing or talking a recall, (not that one would talk place)  and every plan idea or effort is reported to the Mayor by  the infiltrators , The Mayor knows he has nothing to fear, from a recall.

Since The GOP has given up on the City of Racine there is no effort to remove infiltrators why bother? Since the GOP knows I think who they are the infiltrators are left in place in the City where they are monitored.

Sadly since so many to include me where distracted by the Shinny, The Mayor not only got want he really wanted  but by once again spending more money then we have going more into debit, add to that his piss poor ideas on Real Estate Games ,will cause more to get the hell out of Racine leaving less to pay for more  so next year or perhaps before then he will be able to close #5 and the civic centers he wants to  and look like a leader.

What I think is disgusting is this statement “I will thank everyone who participated in the process; 2014 won’t be any easier, as we all know, “ Alderman Q. A. Shakoor II, said.   I myself saw no leadership prior to the Budget in looking for new ideas and only a small amount of time  looking into trying to  fix things like #5 and  I expect no time will be spent by any of them  between now and 11/14 in saving Racine from our Dictator I mean Mayor John Dickert

4 Responses to Do not look behind the Curtain

  1. Elizabeth B.. says:

    How right you are. There will be no recalls in Racine – it was part of the plan to build up John’s immunity to the criticism he would receive later when he really put the screws to the residents of Racine and openly flaunt the law. Those plans have paid off well. He plunders and loots almost at will – directs money where he wants – and the people look the other way.

    “The reason why peaceful and popular activism almost never occurs successfully, the reason why good people are made to stand and suffer, falls not only to the establishment elites who seek out and abuse power; there are others who share in the blame. Regardless of the age, the culture, or the social conditions, there is ALWAYS a percentage of the general populace that embraces the totalitarian dynamic. There is always someone in our neighborhood, in our workplace, and within our family that finds vindication or advantage in supporting the state, even if the state has turned viciously criminal. They are not only useful idiots; they are conscious participants in the process of pacification and enslavement of their own society. They understand their role perfectly, and they enjoy what they do.

    Is it possible that some men are more apt towards truth and freedom while others take more naturally to dominance and deceit? Perhaps. I find that under certain circumstances even the best human beings can make catastrophic errors in judgment. However, there is a difference between those who misstep in life, and those who savor destruction. For these people I reserve the label of the “statist thug”; a ghoul in common man’s drag just waiting for the opportunity to scrape out a spoonful of petty authority and assert his will over others. These folks are the day’s damned. And what’s worse; though they may have been born with a predisposition towards despotism, they still had a choice, and they chose villainy. They deserve no special treatment and no quarter from us.

    The worst statists are utter screw-ups and failures in normal or semi-normal environments. They barely have the ability to function without constant surrounding chaos and desperation which they use to camouflage their spastic and childish characters. They are often seen as the dregs of a culture during peaceful years, and only climb to prominence when crisis overtakes the nation. When a social environment turns tenuous or explosive, the statist excels. Corrupt governments require the aid of questionable individuals in order to tighten control at the local level, and so anyone willing to set aside morality and principle automatically becomes a highly valued commodity.

    Statists demand respect, and they will pursue authoritative positions just so they can remind people of the respect they are supposedly owed. instead of attempting real achievement, or taking the risk of falsely playing a part and being exposed, they look for a title and a uniform to fill the void. They eventually attain respect derived by force through institutions within the system. This title will likely be a miniscule part of the overall government conglomerate, but the statist will act as if he is the emperor of Earth once you wander into his narrow jurisdiction. The slightest hint of defiance will send him into fits of rage. ”

    The Dickert Regime will reduce Racine to Ruins but the Sheeple will love him for it!!

    • Yes, even the new blogs like this one just nip at his heals, and easily kicked away.
      I do this Blog to document the fall of this City and in the hope that somehow the right person sees reads this and that helps say the State Department of Justice to take a look at what is going on. A pipe dream but you never know

  2. JOERACINE says:

    “there also has to be someone will to run for say Mayor when the Paperwork gets started. I see no one willing to do that”

    How wrong you are about that.

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