The Circus



Welcome to the Circus called the City of Racine!

You know the place by the Great Lake where a once great City is falling apart.

Now like many old cities like Detroit we have seen better days and sliding into ruin, what makes this sad to happen here is well our leadership is serious denial. Hell they have jobs The Mayor and his Kin as City Administrator is making the big $$. The members   of

Our City is still #1 in Unemployment but that is not addressed. The city has given money to a company Delta Hawk  that is expected to hire 100 over the next three years (2011-2014) so far they have hired I was told 13,truly we the Sheep of Racine do not know we have yet to be told.

We have one of the worse schools in the State and the School leadership RUSD  blames everyone but them.   Dr Ann Lang in fact said “Black parents are not intelligent enough to make informed educational decisions for their children.” Oh she is only the superintendent of RUSD. Does she not just love the Minority kids who must go to RUSD Schools?

The leaders who take the cake are the Members of the Racine City Council who for other then a very few believe they have been given the task by a higher power maybe God (In one case) maybe by Mayor John Dickert (In others)

Even with some actions of this body being better as part of say a Soap Opera like Peyton Place or Law and Order, the sad part is the City is ran by them or at least they think they run it.

A saying I think is true is we get the government we deserve.


2 Responses to The Circus

  1. Elizabeth B. says:

    “Weidner said her primary concerns with the budget were the increased fees and borrowing. In addition to the recycling fee, which she called a “Trojan horse,” she also mentioned increases to building permit fees.

    “Two years ago… we believed that we were implementing a fee to pay for recycling carts. That was changed in this budget. It is now a fee for service,” she said. “We are going to nickel and dime our constituents to the point where we are literally putting a rope around their throats.”

    The city’s property tax levy for next year will be roughly $50 million — about a 6 percent increase over last year’s levy of $47.2 million. Most of that increase will go toward debt service, which pays for ongoing capital projects and city debt from previous years.

    The city won’t be able to fully project what the tax rate will be until the state releases its total valuation for all of the property in Racine sometime next month, he said

    The city is currently facing a lawsuit brought by the three of the four unions affected by those votes. A Racine County Circuit Judge Gerald Ptacek is expected to issue a ruling in the case sometime before mid-February.

    Good Grief!

    What separates Detroit from Racine?


  2. Mary M. says:

    The Dickert Regimes inability to provide adequate police protection for City Businesses and Residents is forcing people to abandon Racine in fear for their livelihoods and lives!

    “There were multiple armed robberies reported through out the City of Racine last evening. The all appeared to have happened in between 8-9p.m. The Subway on Lathrop was robbed, Success Video was robbed and radio reports that a resident was robbed on Yout Street. Marathon Gas station on Rapids was robbed around noon on Sunday also. These are ongoing and open investigations. The robbery last night was on Yout.A woman was robbed at gunpoint in the 1900 block of Yout for her cell phone & money. Male black, 5’6″, tattoo teardrop under his right eye.”

    “The Racine Police Department is investigating 4 armed robberies that were reported over the span of two hours on November 20th, 2012. The incidents are as follows;

    6:40 pm-2300 block of Kentucky St. – 21 year old man walking on the sidewalk
    Suspect; white male, 5’06”-5’08”, 130lbs., black hooded jacket, dark pants, dark bandana and hat.

    8:00 pm Rupert Blvd and Kinzie Ave – 54 year old woman walking her dog
    Suspect; white male, 5’05”-5’06”, 180lbs., dark hoodie, dark jeans and dark bandana on face

    8:00 pm 3300 block of Washington Ave. north alley – 29 year old male walking in alley
    Suspect; white male, 5’10”, 160lbs., brown shirt, black pants and dark bandana on face

    8:15 pm-1100 block of Horlick Dr. – 19 year old man walking in road
    Suspect; black male, 5”10”, 180lbs., wearing all black.

    In all of the robberies the suspect approached the victims, sometimes from behind, displayed a knife and demanded money.

    The Racine PD reminds people to walk with others, if possible, and in areas that have frequent vehicle and foot traffic. If you are the victim of a robbery, comply with the offender’s demands and immediately report the incident to the police. Please remain alert for suspicious persons and vehicles and report them to the Racine County Dispatch Department 262-886-2300.”


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