Downtown Racine


Going to compare the amount the city of Racine has invested in Downtown Racine area to say the South side of the city.

I like to know. I like to know how much the City has flushed into that area and look at who has benefited.

Other then that area of town has anyone else? In order to have a chance at getting the City to care must you cater to the rich and white?  Not like many (or anyone) who are minorities  get any benefit from Downtown Racine Hell with the empty buildings does anyone other then Realtors ? The economy being what is  will anyone becoming into Racine anytime soon?  With  our being #1 in Unemployment (again) is there any reason to come to this City?


2 Responses to Downtown Racine

  1. Elizabeth B says:

    Cui Bono? That’s the issue – because it sure hasn’t been the people of Racine.

    Downtown Racine has turned into a black hole – with taxpayer money thrown at the problem again and again with no sustained increase in economic activity or return on investment. After the initial infusion of stimulus, economic activity increases for a short time, then slowly decreases again, requiring another fresh infusion of taxpayer money. This waste of taxpayer dollars and borrowed money with no return adds to the debt of the City, which reduces the amount of capital available for day to day operations. Racine is being choked by this debt, which causes a yearly increase in the level of taxation required to service the debt and maintain existing levels of services and employees. The result is businesses being forced out of the City to remain competitive and profitable, unemployment, foreclosures, and vacant and abandoned homes. It’s a debt death spiral, from which there is no escape.

    IF the taxpayers HAVE to fund a project for it to happen; Team Porters being a prime example, it’s a bad idea with no real chance of success. Contractors will get a fresh infusion of cash, and property owners may abscond with some, but failure will be the result and the taxpayers will be stuck with the bill. City Hall will then come up with a “better idea” and the next cash transfer of taxpayer funds to private business interests will commence. What is disturbing here is the lack of an informed electorate that doesn’t see through these wealth transfer schemes and realize that they are the Marks of such City Hall scams.

    Today I drove Downtown and checked out the roundabout. There were a few cars, and a few people, there was a small group of people at Dewey’s, but overall, Downtown seemed abandoned and lonely. The City of Racine Downtown roundabout is the compatriot of the Hoan Bridge in Milwaukee – a bridge to nowhere!

    “The Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge is a tied arch bridge that connects Interstate 794 in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to the Lake Freeway across the Milwaukee River inlet. Originally called the Harbor Bridge, it was renamed after Daniel Hoan, a Socialist, and one of the longest serving mayors of Milwaukee… Due to public backlash against the planned Milwaukee County freeway system, this halted completion of the connecting roadways and led to the Hoan Bridge being known as “The Bridge to Nowhere.”

    The Downtown Racine Roundabout serves the same function – The Gateway to Nowhere, but millions will be thrown at it for the benefit of those who have property and investments there.

    If you want to see where the action, and where the economic activity is – Look WEST!

  2. Just a quick look at property records finds buildings far behind on taxes. Will when/will the county start legal action?

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