Land of Oz!

I have a pal vising the area from Australia, where his is not only a film maker but writes Freelance  for many magazines there and I think a few in the States.

Today we not only talked about the elections but the City of Racine.

Send him not only  the links to this blog but Racine Uncovered  the Communicator. He called a few hours latter and was well amazed from what he read. He did not know that Racine was part of Detroit, I had to explain that no Racine was many miles away. However we are like Detroit in many ways, sum buildings empty buildings high unemployment and a failing school system.

Dean was amazed at this and of course I sent him the links to the State of Wisconsin sites for proof.

I send him the links to the site that also holds the photos of  buildings we have here that are well in ruins. I made sure I gave him the links to my You Tube shows and my Podcasts I have done.

From what I understand he enjoyed them greatly.

Best of all Dean is planing to share my information to Urbain Studies guys at the University of Sidney.  He hoped that his pals would believe that this was not part of his Sci-Fi films he makes.

So just think, Australia soon will know how great Racine is!

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