New Media comes to Racine. Bad News for Mayor Jon Dickert



New Media comes to Racine.

Got to love it! A new blog has started in Racine  called   Racine Transparency and here is the link     

Interesting that it’ s here.  Must be some type of anger on the streets to back another Blog. Yes no one is getting paid to do the blogging that’s going on in Racine but as I see it you got to have a fan base, folks who have to like what your doing or why bother?

To see yet another blog calling out Mayor John Dickert about what he is doing from the view point of the blogs, should be telling the Good Old Boys that we are mad as hell and not going to take it any more.

What is so nice about this Blog is its using Video of the Mayor to call him out (Is that why The Mayor wants to gain control of CAR 25?) How can he say the Video is wrong? That  he is not making excuses and looking like he has no clue?

Cant wait to see how the “Just think possessively) crowd will handle this.



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