Crystal Ball Time!



Crystal Ball Time!


Mark the tape my upcoming predictions


1) City of Racine will outsource Garbage and Recycling. The City will also try to force property owners to buy City of Racine Garbage Carts (like the Recycling carts) the excuse will be this actions will save the City a lot of money ( A great way to gin up a few $$ too)

2) The City of Racine will be sued by at least one  Ex city worker for wrongful discharge. Last City Consul Meeting should be our first clue about who it might be
3) Racine will keep the record of having the highest Unemployment in the State of Wisconsin.

4) within 60 daysd of the Roundabout at Racine City Hall being opened for use. Some driver will jump the curb and hit City Hall. Alderman Fair will be blamed.

5)  Tax records of properties owned downtown Racine  will show many properties in Tax arrears.

6) At least one Alderman will resign or chose not to run for reelection, the excuse used will be that the evil Bloggers simply do not want to think   positively about Racine.

7) Crime will start to go higher as continuing unemployment starts to force folks into very difficult times.

8) The City at the same time they are firing City Union workers will want to build a Pool

9) The City of Racine budget will call for both Fire and Police to be fired.

10) One of the last major employers in the  downtown will start shifting work to other locations, as this Company starts to build a  new location in the County.

Those are my predictions for the rest of 2012.


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