Who’s Not Paying Their Property Tax in Racine? Part II


Wolf Man continues


Who’s Not Paying Their Property Tax in Racine?

In this series we will use open public records to explore who in Racine is not paying their property taxes. As we all know, the City is currently in a financial crisis, and wants to raise property taxes beyond what the law allows. The Mayor claims his hands are tied, but is that reality? What if some people, maybe LOTS of people and Businesses aren’t paying their fair share?

Why isn’t the Mayor asking the people and businesses of Racine who do not pay their property tax to pay?

Why is the burden left by those who don’t pay their property tax being passed, via mil-rate increases, to those who do pay?

Today we will reveal a Trifecta of properties that feature businesses which have the privilege of selling alcoholic beverages. One would think that a reasonable pre-requisite for being granted a license to sell alcohol would be that all taxes on the property were paid first. This is obviously NOT true for the City of Racine, as County Tax Records reveal that many establishments in Racine are on properties that are in arrears.

Racine’s current Public Licensing and Safety Committee is comprised of the following Aldermen:

Gregory T.  Helding                          262-880-4500

Molly Hall                                           262-635-0520

Robert Mozol                                    262-498-1541

Melissa Kaprelian-Becker            262-939-8679

These Aldermen, and the entire Common Council, have seen it fit to issue to licenses to sell alcoholic beverages to the following establishments, which are located on properties in arrears, per County of Racine public tax records: (Liquor license holder is not necessarily property owner)

Waves Pub and Grill       104 Fourth St.                    Property  Tax in arrears: $22,773.83

Blue Rock Lounge            306 Sixth St.                       Property Tax in arrears:  $5,964.35

Michigan’s Pub                                 1300 Michigan Blvd         Property Tax in arrears:  $5,790.92

Let’s take a look at the County of Racine Tax Records and let them speak for themselves:





Blue Rock




Michigan Pup




I thank Wolf man for his story .

I am working on how this effects the County since I recall Right the County pays the City the taxes owed then its up to the County to collect.

IMHO the County needs to seize properties behind on taxes.  One Downtown business owner, thinks that if the county did many buildings downtown would be boarded up and make downtown Racine look real bad. Interesting   Can you get by not paying your taxes?


One Response to Who’s Not Paying Their Property Tax in Racine? Part II

  1. Steve S. Stevens says:

    The bottom line is Racine is a dump. The problem is ineffective, poor excuse for leadership in our local government. I mean seriously, the mayor sued the city he represents for his own legal defense, property assessments are way, way outta line, taxes are high, crime is through the roof, hundreds of property owners and businesses not paying taxes, where’s the leadership? Where are the creative, bright, smart leaders of Racine? LMAO…..You’ve got aldermen and woman who don’t speak, who do they represent? The City Of Racine rips up the contracts of city workers and gets sued, City Hall replaces bathrooms with marble and granite for a cost of over 500K, while telling you “we’re broke” Your city administrator makes close to 200K a yr and your mayor close to 100K and for what? What have they done to warrant making that type of money? Surprising, Kenosha isn’t in NEARLY the bind or bad situation we are…Hmmmmm

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