The Fall of Mr Racine


How the mighty have fallen!


Yes Mark Eickhorst Mr Racine on WRJN has had a few bad days

You might recall Mark’s last newsworthy effort   in the press before his fall as being made the City of Racine’s public information officer. Many in Racine were upset when this post paying 25K a year was a no bis contract more upsetting  to some  when it was discovered that Mark Eickhorst owed for  back taxes. Those believing that Mark Eickhorst is/was a good pal of the Mayor were very upset at what happened. Time moves on.

As Racine PIO I believe he did little IMHO I saw No Twitter Account or Facebook Account for the City, I also saw no programing on CAR 25 I I have no idea what he did.

He held this job for about a year and then the job went away.

Time goes on and now we see this

From The Racine Journal  Times 9/20/12

‘Mr. Racine’ admits mistake after inmate escape


“Eickhorst is the supervisor who drove inmate Erick T. Blakney to his ex-girlfriend’s house when he was on work release, Eickhorst and county corporation counsel Jonathan Lehman confirmed. While at the woman’s house, Blakney allegedly beat up the woman.”

There’s  more “While working with the inmates, Eickhorst said he would sometimes let them use his cellphone during breaks and let relatives bring inmates food or a change of clothes.”


Wow! Did he not receive training on how to do his job? Did he not receive training on how to handle issues with prisoners?

Did he not himself have a Superior to go to if issues he was not trained for cam up?

Best of all is why he did this “I honestly asked myself before I let him do that what would Jesus do? … I thought I was doing the Christian thing,” Eickhorst said. “Unfortunately (the inmate) was lying to me.”

More then one person has speculated to me that no one could be that silly without a far better reason, some think $$ some think more a better bribe

I have no idea. I do think that this needs to be investigated more. I also think the County is on the line for the women being hurt. My guess is that Racine county will be sued.

I also have no clue how Mr. Racine comes back from this.

I did talk to one County elected official who ha questions on how Mark got the job in the first place and an interesting deal that might be going on in County hireling now that will be a story.


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  1. Scott says:

    Great blog! People may take you more seriously if you used grammar correctly and checked your spelling!

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