Is Racine is going mad?




So for review we have:

A lawsuit we paid for this be because Mayor John Dickert went on WRJN and “mispoke” (100K)

We also I think paid for the settlement the amount unknown (see below)

The Mayor maybe suing the City about details on the settlement. Is this the 2nd time he sued the City he runs?  Or are we only paying for the City has filed on “Bill”  (the Mayors guy he spoke of on WRJN) cost well lets say 100K

There are I thing 3 cases before the courts about Dickert’s NSP  program costing ?? so far

The City under Mayor John Dickert by ending the contracts with the City Unions IMHO has said “Do not trust us to follow our given word”  The Unions are also suing to force the City to keep its word.

Of course this is the best time for the Journal Times to call for … A Swimming Pool!   At an unknown cost to build/maintain the Newspaper thinks a Pool is what the City needs.

The Root River Council now after being as I see it Mayor Dickert’s pawns, will be calling for City money to build parts of Root Works. Are they looking for 20K 200K  or 2 Mill?  I do not know but they are looking for city $$.  A sourse at City Hall said “There will have to be some city tax money spent”


What is really nice we are so out of $$ that we told the City Unions to fuck off we have no money.

We have no money so the City has gutted the Bus System Who needs the Bus? Who needs Poor African Americans? They might come downtown!

At tonight’s Parking meeting I believe it was said that there might be more cuts coming.

So we have needs that are not being met yet the City wants to spend money we do not have on toys we do not need.

Are the nuts running Bedlam?





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