Crack at the Jounal Times

So tonight I read this from the Journal Times:

Racine ought to have a public swimming pool

Yes you read that right. The J-T thinks we need a pool why?

…”While the obvious response is that there’s a rather large body of water to swim in on the east side of town — you can’t miss it, it’s big and blue — that’s not the same thing. The July heat wave notwithstanding, there are only a few days out of the year when anyone would actually want to swim in Lake Michigan.” and more …

“in terms of a place where city residents can go take a swim — especially the city’s kids — there just isn’t one. The shiny new Sealed Air Family YMCA — on Campus Drive in Mount Pleasant, four miles from Interstate 94 — is a long bus ride away for those kids….”

They even invoke Mayor Gary Becker. …” Find me another community our size without municipal swimming pools,” Becker said. “It’s a great place for kids to go in summer. They become great community meeting places.”…

Of course they even answer how to pay for it “The city tax levy for 2012 was $47,186,932. There ought to be room in a budget that big for the building and maintenance of a public pool.”

Like I said in my post on the J-T

1) The City is so broke we had to end Contracts with City Union Workers

2) The City paid for Mayor Dickert’s Law Suit and we do not know how much that costs nor the Settlement How much might that be?

3) The NSP cases I understand are still in the Courts How much will they run us?

4) In order to get a Grant for the City the City Grant Writer had to take a pay cut.  What? Is that how the City plans to fund projects is by having City Workers kick in?

5)  We have a declining population due to High taxes and no jobs. Is the City trying to drive more out by building something we can not maintain?

6) We have a critical issues with Housing that needs to be torn down and we have no money to do that but we can build a pool?

7) There is no more $$ coming from the State or Feds. Is the J-T thinking we can print money?

8) Why did the City close the first one?

IMHO the J-T Needs to put down the Crack pipe

2 Responses to Crack at the Jounal Times

  1. Steve S. Stevens says:

    Ahhhhh…. a pool filled with hood rats and trash. Most would not even go because it would be overrun with hood rats. And yes, we have Lake Michigan. Remeber, Dickert tried this in his first year and was voted down 14-1. It’s just plain dumb and pointless, besides they all play in the fountain anyhow.

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