Are you ready?




With this day come not a story on issues with Racine, but more on being ready for a range of events that could occur in this area and what can do to mitigate the effects on you and yours.

I, truly believe that if the shit hits the fan in all so many ways, it will be up to us to take care of  ourself for a time be it a few days or weeks.  Should real bad shit happen far longer.

So the point of this post is to I hope get you thinking about that effort.

A lot to think about, My wife and I do more then some and less then others but we do have the basics:

Food/Water for three days  (for us and our Pets) the ability to provide light and not freeze to death.

We try to keep gas in the cars to drive to our bug out location should we need to run we plan to run like hell.

We can with a bit of time turn the house into more of a fort, it will not keep a armed mob out if it gets that bad my guess we go to bug out mode.

There are some great web sites for more info like that has a lot of information I would also if you have not take  a  CERT Class this will help you  by teaching useful skills you may need and I for sure have everyone in the house get basic first aid training.  First Aid training can come in useful in lots of ways.
If you have questions can help as can    Mr. Maack  knows his stuff very well as time and again has shown us. One of the few Government leaders I trust, you should too.

The sites I listed above is the first place you should check out and do so today you may need that info far sooner then you think



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