Major Issues of Racine WI



As I have been saying for some time Racine is in Ruins and getting worse if such a thing can happen

No one not even our fearless leader Mayor John Dickert can truly deal with all the issues facing this city so what do I think the main one is?


Not lack  of we got plenty, the crises is the number abandoned you  know walked away from because the owners  see no value in trying to keep up with payments be it to the bank or Taxes.
When a homeowner has chose to eat, maybe feed the kids or pay the mortgage/taxes what do you think the homeowner is going to do?

Can a owner who  can’t afford his mortgage be able to maintain his home? Will after being un/underemployed for the last three year even care?  I know the Unit’s job is to enforce code but if an owner cant pay his mortgage how does he pay a fine?

How bad is this in Racine? I have no clue I do know that last year we had about 450 properties in foreclosure .  I like to know how many properties are behind on taxes.  I and others using the City web pages and the county web pages are dazed and confused, in many ways they do not agree. I would hope that they would how else can we find out about proprieties we may be interested in? Is this not public information? That might be the point if the City  makes it hard to find info out or the info is not trustworthy investigations become hard and may not take place  or become so ineffective City leadership can belittle the investigation.

See Some think that the mess the City is in with lack of $$ and how poorly The City spends in be far worse a well create an outcry if we knew that facts.  How could RUSD ask for more $$ if say 40% of proprieties where behind on taxes?  Would our fearless leader be able to play real estate games if properties the City had fun with where behind or walked away from?

It gets worse The City of Racine has buildings that should be torn down. I can see two from my home. I am told by City workers that the City has no money to do this best if I understand right both have yet to be foreclosed on the The Bank. This is if the banks do they get in trouble from the Feds for making bad loans.  Wow! I am also told that by the same City worker that we should assume that on every block there is at least one home in forecloser!

I wonder now how many properties need to come down but the City has to money to do so. Wow Wow!




One Response to Major Issues of Racine WI

  1. Steve S. Stevens says:

    Take Note, I have a feeling that this will be going down here shortly:

    Federal agents arrested the mayor of New Jersey’s capital city early Monday as part of an ongoing corruption investigation into bribery allegations related to a parking garage project that was concocted as part of an FBI sting operation.
    Trenton Mayor Tony Mack, his brother Ralphiel and convicted sex offender Joseph Giorgianni, a Mack supporter who owns a Trenton sandwich shop, were accused of conspiring to obstruct, delay and affect interstate commerce by extortion under color of official right.
    Federal prosecutors alleged Mack agreed to use his influence in connection with a proposed parking garage project in the city. The garage was made up — a fake project created by investigators to try to capture Mack, who has financial problems and attracted legal scrutiny since he took office.
    Federal agents began investigating Mack and the others in September 2010. Mack had become mayor in July.
    The defendants received $54,000 and anticipated accepting another $65,000 from a cooperating witness who purported to be a developer, according to court documents that laid out the sting and the accusations of wrongdoing.
    The criminal complaint portrays Giorgianni as a boastful man who did most of the talking with two FBI informants — one who was cooperating to get a better deal in his own criminal case, another who was paid.
    The sting was similar to the massive “Bid Rig” sting that resulted criminal charges against 46 people — many of them local New Jersey officials — in 2009. Then, bribes were attached to fictitious development projects. Prosecutors have had mixed success in winning convictions.
    Giorgianni complains at one point that Mack cannot take bribes because he’s being watched so closely, the documents said. “It’s sickening,” he told one of the informants, according to the court papers.
    “I like to make money for my friends,” he said, according to the papers, and went on to reference infamously corrupt political boss William M. Tweed. “I like to do it like the Boss Tweed way. You know Boss Tweed ran Tammany Hall?”
    He was also caught on tape telling one of the informants, “One thing about the Mack administration — when I say that, it’s me and Mack — we’re not greedy. We’re corruptible. We want anybody to make a buck,” and “I’m there to buffer the thing where, you know, take the weight… going to jail’s my business. It ain’t his.”
    By contrast, when Mack was recorded, it was mostly just to say he’d meet someone or exchanging pleasantries. But in April, he was recorded at a meeting with Giorgianni and one of the informants saying, “I really appreciate what you guys have done for us. I appreciate your support and, like before, I support you and I’ll keep on supporting you.”
    Authorities say, though, that Mack, whom Giorgianni referred to as “Napoleon” was involved in the scheme. One piece of evidence they offer is that Giorgianni referred to money by code — calling it “Uncle Remus” — when he spoke with Mack, and that Mack seemed to know what he was saying.
    The complaint also said that $2,500 in $100 bills with the serial numbers of those given to Giorgianni were found in a search of Ralphiel Mack’s home in July.
    Tony Mack was taken to an FBI office in Hamilton for processing and was driven into a secure area of the federal courthouse in Trenton at around 11 a.m..
    Mack’s administration has been in turmoil from Day 1, staggering from one crisis to another. A housecleaning of staff at City Hall opened the door for Mack’s own appointees, who quickly turned it into a revolving door.
    Under an agreement reached last year, the Democrat can hire department heads only from a pool of applicants the state offers or he risks losing $6 million in state aid.
    One of his early backers was Giorgianni. The businessman went to prison in the 1980s on charges of carnally abusing and debauching the morals of a 14-year-old girl in the back of his sandwich shop. The case gained notoriety because of weight-related health problems that got Giorgianni, a steakhouse owner who once claimed to tip the scale at over 500 pounds, released and led a prosecutor to charge he “ate his way out of jail.”

    Read more:

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