This IS the scandal of Racine

Interesting day on The Racine Journal Times 9/8/2012

A story on City  of Racine retirements spawned Blog postings on the non payment of Property taxes. Looks like that the City of Racine may have issues with folks paying their property taxes .

You can read the posts here—factors-include-age/article_af55e3bc-f950-11e1-8d3f-0019bb2963f4.html?comment_form=true#comments

One of the issues brought up is if the City of Racine property tax web site is up to date or not, if not why not?  Would this misinformation hurt someone looking say for a loan or a credit report?  if this is the case would having this information be wrong cause the City to be sued? We are good at being sued. On further review is that the web pages show that they are not the best to find information biggest issue is to find out about Back taxes owned.

How can we know if and how much is owed in back taxes

More critically IMHO what is being done to collect?  I like to know the total amount owed in back taxes I am sure that in any large city there are some when this goes from a few $$ to say 10’s of Millions I can not help but believe this becomes an issue.

An issue I want answers to.  I also like to know if there are rules in place to say stop someone massively behind in taxes to say sit on City/County boards, receive City/County Contracts  until payment is made or arrangements made.

When T.I.F.’s are created are back taxes repaid from this?

Myself I think a list should posted on line of folks who owe say over $5,000 in Taxes. As well these folks should not sit on boards nor receive  Government contracts, until payment is made or arrangements made.

However this is Racine, I think it will be hard to find out how bad the issue is. My guess is that should the news get out it would effect the City/County credit rating.

This opens the door to the issue of how much debit the City owes and how much this costs us to service.  To think our Mayor still wants to spend spend spend by selling Bonds. Wow

I do agree with one of the posters  from the JT, this is the scandal of Racine

8 Responses to This IS the scandal of Racine

  1. enicar666 says:

    Here is a link to the screenshots of some of Racine’s most notorious tax deadbeats, IF City of Racine records are accurate. Well, are they?

  2. enicar666 says:

    More delinquent taxpayers for The City of Racine can be found on the Wisconsin DOR site. These taxpayers owe income, sales, workman comp taxes, and other stuff like that. Many of Racine’s former finest people and businesses can be found here.

    Who do you know that is a TAX DEADBEAT?

  3. enicar666 says:

    After checking some more – The County and the City do not agree on most anything. While some agree on backtaxes owed, some do not, some figures agree, some do not. Can any of the books be trusted when they do not agree?

    What is the truth? Why are the records different?

  4. enicar666 says:

    I did lots of checking around between the City of Racine website versus the County Site. Lots of discrepancies. Why would the County show more was paid to foreclose on properties than the City claims was owed? Some of the City records are right – and it’s very disturbing how much is owed and how many are late – per the County site. I can’t imagine people enjoy paying the 18% interest on late payments – it turns into hundreds very quickly.

    When the County collects the back taxes – why isn’t the City updating their records? How are they accounting for the money? If they aren’t updating the records, and amounts show a difference – well, something is wrong. Where did the money go? If the account wasn’t credited – where did it go to?

    Then there is the weird case of 1200 Frederick St. Why did the County foreclose on this? It owed thousands – on a small strip that the County describes as “NOT BUILDABLE” because of it’s size – and is asking $500 for a worthless property the City values at $7,100. This on a property that because of a fire incurred about $18,000 in City invoiced clean up costs. Why did the County choose to pay for this property when there are many more desireable properties in the City that it could profit from?

    Nothing makes sense. No sense = NONSENSE.

    The books need to be audited, and the tax assessor needs to stop marking property values to FANTASYLAND.

  5. Steve S. Stevens says:

    Just look at the lack of transparency under Dickert, it’s pathetic. Once again they are relying on your stupidity, just like the 100k Dickert owes us in bogus attorney fees, just like the dollar amount they won’t release to us on the city hall bathrooms (which is over 500K) Call the government accountability board and file a complaint, show up at common council meetings and speak your mind and demand answers, it’s the only way!

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  7. Pat Kobs says:

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