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Sorry for the lack of posts.  Been busy with a few things a kinda sort of job, waiting for more records and to finish some research helping out at The Racine Communicator  covering City meetings, and the big thing!!!!! Getting  the teaser of  my Russ Meyer Tribute epic Go Go Girls vs the Nazis out and up for the world to enjoy!

Yes, I am indeed a film maker! Unlike others who might say  that they have had documentaries done on events in their life I truly make films and TV

Here the link to the Teaser  its about 2 minuets long and does a great job getting the idea of the film across.  There are no Russ Meyer type  naughty bits but with the next Teaser that should change.

This film incorporating satire  of events in and around Racine WI.  Will be film both here and in Milwaukee WI.

You can find more at the Web Site


Even us Muckrakers need a hobby.



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  1. Kary says:

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