The Wolfman is back!









I am very thankful for the Wolfman’s time and effort in doing this research. This is all info that I believe Mayor John Dickert you rather not know. If He could find a way to stop this information from being found he would after all we just have to believe that everything is fine. Please drink the Kool Aid and  vote Obama



One Response to The Wolfman is back!

  1. Lisa Lackas says:

    We moved to Racine from Nebraska to follow my husbands job in 2008. We paid $329,900 for our house after talking them down $20,000. Unfortunately, the company we followed up here and my husband worked for, for 23 years, decided they were paying him too much ($225,000/yr) and cut him loose. He was without work for 8 months and I had no job because I didn’t need one until that happened. Anyway, long story short, our house ended up in foreclosure and Kapital Real Estate out of Milwaukee has listed it at a mere $234,900. On Zillow they estimated the monthly payment at $838/ month. Hell we could afford it now! Our mortgage payment was over $2000/month. I’m also going to take this opportunity to say that Kapital Real Estate is the worst real estate company that you deal with as a seller. We have to pay $775/ month for rent to Real Property Management out of Milwaukee. Kapital Real Estate works for Freddie Mac.
    Since we’re the ones that are getting foreclosed on, the realtor treats you like vermin. They sent us a letter in the mail that told us we were in violation of our lease for not letting people come and see the house. That was probably over Labor Day weekend when we wanted it quiet, so for 3 days we didn’t approve any appointments from realtors that called the showing service, Centralized Showing out of Milwaukee. This paper that said we were in violation told us that we had to allow people in to see our house within 72 hours of the requested appointment. Hmm lets see 3 days is only 36 hours, so I don’t think we were in violation! The interesting thing however is that the lease agreement papers we have from Real Property Management don’t have that sentence anywhere in them. Nor do they have any specific time frame for showings. Said paper also told me to call the listing agent, Andrew Kaplan, within 72 hours of the date on the paper. I did that immediately after going through the lease papers, I called his office # at 3:11 PM, Lyndsey answered the phone, I told her that I was to call Andrew, she said “Hold Please”. I held for 20 minutes!!! I hung up and called Andrews cell phone # which he also didn’t answer, I left a message telling him I held for 20 minutes!!! He called back when we weren’t home and he left a message for us and he said he didn’t know why I had to wait that long and he’d look into it. I called him back the next day. I explained to him that I don’t do well with lots of people around me that I don’t know, I have panic attacks, our son has been diagnosed with components of AD/HD, Bi-polar disorder and Aspbergers and having a lot of strangers in the house also bothers him. Andrew had the balls to say ” Well then maybe you shouldn’t live in a house that’s for sale.” Excuse me? I didn’t know what to say but, came to my senses quickly and told him that it doesn’t say anywhere in our lease papers that we have to let more than one set of people in a day for a showing. The last realtor we did have show our house left a basement light on all night long! These people are very rude to say the least. We still live here, we still pay the electric bill and we deserve to be treated with some respect.
    Thanks for listening,

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