Hard to write about crime not because as Mayor John Dickert would like you to think we have none or little, its because I do not want to make this the issue of this Blog.

To some degree we will like any city have some crime, any area be it Racine, Baraboo, or Twin Lakes crime will happen folks drive drunk have fights do drugs nor is there anything any city can do to be crime free, we do not live nor I think want to live in police state we are not going to have a cop on every block and boldly  speaking I think it would not help much.

The issue I have is how our City Leadership like to pretend there is little crime, that there is nothing to worry about party on.

True most of us will not be killed in a gun fight we have over drugs most of us will not be arrested for selling Drugs or running a drug house.

We are however all impacted by crime from the taxes we pay for Police Courts and jails, to homes being robbed  or even being robbed our self’s.

Whole neighborhoods can be destroyed by drug gangs schools can be wrecked by gangs even whole families  destroyed, I can tell you that first hand.

In the past two months we have had  three murders and 3-6 other shootings. If I understand correctly some of the murders have  to do with Gangs as most of the Shootings. I have yet to see in the Racine Newspaper what I will call real  stories about this. Why?  IMHO its because our Mayor and the other Good Old Boys do not want you to know that thee might be areas of Racine that might not be safe to be in cant have that!

I would hope that the Journal Times would want the public to know if there are areas of the city to be very careful in. To perhaps encourage Neighborhoods to form Watch groups right? Are not watch groups a good thing?

To try hide crime is silly just drive down West 6th st see the gangs stop at the corner of 6th and Memorial see the drug deals this would be across the street from the Alderman’s home I can see why he may not want that out in the news, been that way even before I moved here in 98.  I can see why he does not come to the Neighborhood watch meetings  someone might ask him to do something. Hell I quit going since any discussion the Watch does not like is called politics and shut down but by they sure were able to bring up/promote KRM, but this is a topic  for another day and I will revisit it.

Two events none of them action by  the City changed the block I live on:

The man who owned two of the slum dwellings changed his ways and started watching what was going on in the houses he owned.  In fact such a great change I give full credit and Glory to God.

One of my Hispanic Neighbors started buying up the homes  foreclosed  and going out of his way to put the  best families he can in them. No more do the gang scum have safe areas to live in so they do not hang out here. Having no one to sell to there is no reason for the gangs to hang out in the first place.

Yet in most of tracks 1-5 in Racine its slums and empty buildings, folks with little hope and bad outcomes who look for an escape if only via a crack pipe. But like an Ostrage our leaders far rather hide from the issues of the how and why of crime as they drive out of “River View” as fast as they can



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