I have been asked why I am doing such a disservice to the City of Racine by this Blog. I was asked if it was for “Payback” for some slight. Not at all I do this to document the decline and fall of this city.  No way I can change anything, I have no power to say arrest or prosecute the City leaders who I see as destroying this once fair city.
However I can document this for others who may wonder what the hell went on in Racine to turn it into this  pile of ruble it will soon become I think.  Who will ever believe unless its in writing with links to the proof such things as Mayor Garry Becker ending his days as Mayor because he had a thing for a mythical 14 year old (A State Undercover officer it would turn out), that a Community back idea of a Children’s Museum  would turn into failure but perhaps the closing of the Bank of Elmwood.

Who would think that a sitting Mayor of Racine would sue his own City, agree to pay his own legal bills for law suit brought on him personally yet somehow the City get stuck with the bill?

How else other then by someone willing to document this so years from now when this City is dust will the story of the path to ruin be told.






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