Is Han Fuqu Teaching Mayor John Dickert?

So we have read the Wolfman reports of selling prices vs assessed value in the City of Racine.

In Today’s Journal Times there is a story about a decline is Housing sales.  From the Story 8/14/2012  July first month that housing sales fell below same month last year”

John Crimmings, vice president and general sales manager at First Weber Group, 1100 N. Main St., wasn’t sure how to explain the July-to-July decline.

“The other thing that surprised me was that Racine (County) was down and everybody else was up” in southeastern Wisconsin, Crimmings said. As examples, Kenosha County sales were 38.6 percent greater than the previous July, Walworth County’s up by 35.6 percent, Milwaukee County’s 29.2 percent greater and Waukesha County’s up by 32.5 percent.

“I guess I’m more concerned how Racine (County) is tracking compared with surrounding counties,” Crimmings said.”

What he is shocked at this? Does he think folks want to move into Racine with what 3 murders in the last 2 months?  Mr. Crimmings may think that there is no crime in Racine that is all in our heads like Mayor John Dickert wants us too, however even the J-T cant cover up dead bodies.

Nor can the J-T spin what looks like outrage to me  on the spending on the Civic Center as the City crushes City Unions because we are broke.

Why does this matter:

1) Decline Housing values decreases the amount of Bonds the City can issue

2) The City of Racine may lose our credit rating making the cost high and harder to borrow money.

3) IMHO this (decline in Housing sales) means that our housing is still valued too high, that might decrease property values I know I will be fighting my assessment as being too high.

Sadly I see the Mayor not understanding what is going on and how hard this will be on the City. Of course when the Mayor pulls out new fees raises fees and raises taxes any way he can think of  he will see more leave the City.

Are we not so lucky to have John Dickert as Mayor

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