Do not worry be happy!





So once again in Racine we had a shooting:

This would make 3 or so this week. Thank God this young lady is not dead. As the story said if you have information please call RPD, The Police need our help to catch the thugs.

Now every city/Town has Crime, there is nothing we can do to stop all Crime nor can we have a Cop on every block.  We by working with Police, our neighbors, and Churches  can do a lot. IMHO if you can you should conceal carry following all the laws and receiving as much training as you can. IMHO the Streets of Racine WI are not safe after dark. Please be careful.

The City of Racine IMHO must however keep us informed on what is going on in this City and get off the idea that we are not hearing the gunfire,seeing our Neighbors   taken to St. Mary’s after being attacked or seeing RPD responding to calls that its only a “perception”  that Mayor John Dickert has crime under control.

He should try telling that to those shot or home owners robed.

What The Mayor should do but We will never see is to hold meetings at every COP House and let the neighborhood take about the crime in that area and the help they might need, THEN see they get it.

However Racine has no money, and before his pals at RootWorks or the DRC lose one dine in City funding, we will see our Mayor cut police to the bone. I would not be shocked if 10-15 Police are gone after all there is no crime in Racine, just like there is no unemployment.

Do not worry , be happy! Lots of Bar in Downtown Town Racine to party at just do NOT stop in the Uptown or West 6th St area unless you drive an armored car and have body armor.

Oh and those areas West 6th St or the Uptown? Pay it no mind there the wrong color to worry about all they have to do is mark the Ballet the right way and stay away from downtown Racine.






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