Racine is burning




So Racine is burning.

The City Council and Mayor Dickert, by the vote taken on Tuesday 6/17/12 said as much when they  voted to void the Union Contract(s) claiming the City has no money to pay the contracts (Insert snarky statement about  City Hall mispending).

So something needed to be done and the City chose this. This of course will get the City sued costing more money that we do not have and set off a whole list of actions. I feel have been planed for some time that however is  a subject for another post.

What I fail to understand is why the Mayor or failing his leadership the City Council or even a caring Alderman or two do not host a series of come to Jesus  meeting where the public is told the facts and asked what the hell should the City do?

Mayor Becker did this one time, I was there and I understood after what was going on and the options.

Might it be that Becker cared more about Racine then Mayor John Dickert?

Might it be that our leaders now only care about looking good and finding Sanders Park?

So Racine has huge money issues that the City themself say we do. Why are they  not talking about forming a plan of action?



Lehman and Mason fight over who is the new General William Hull




Are John Lehman and Cory Mason fighting over who is the new General William Hull?


So Tonight at City Hall a room full of City of Racine Union members are looking for answers. Yes Answers and during Public Comments about 8 or so Union members spoke about what they see going on.

Two “Leaders” were not there that I could see and for sure did not speak

Yes John Lehan who ran from serving his county once ran again from speaking out to back City Workers and of course  Cory “The Tick” Mason could not be bothered from helping his Union Brothers and Sisters.


No way in Hell that they had the Balls to say anything to or about Mayor John Dickert.

Welcome to Racine The City who only services Mayor John Dickert.



Cory Mason Carpet Bager: Robert Kingston Scott Comes to West 6th St.


And with high crime, slum dwellings and slum lords I thought West 6th St. had issues.  Now we are really in for the shit, because Cory Mason is moving into the assembly district that I live in.  This is very sad, for in doing so; IMHO, he had to force a true political leader, Robert Turner, out of Office (We will get to that story).


This may come as a shock, but I feel that Bob Turner was a true hero of the 6th St. area, working hard to help any that needed his aid.


He helped me on occasion as an Assemblyman, and even came to my home on occasion.  Mr. Tuner also was a big backer of the first State of Wisconsin Film Incentive that I helped to write.


I was very pleased to vote for Mr. Turner as he ran for Mayor. Oh, what a better place Racine would be if Bob Turner would have won instead of Mayor John Dickert, and become the Mayor of Racine.


Cory Mason is another story.  To me he is nothing more than a tick like thing; he looks for any opportunity to focus on himself and panders to the far left.  An office holder who I think has never seen a tax he did not like or a spending idea that did not get him hard.  In fact I see Mason as a little socialist in training verses Bob Turner who held office to help make Racine a better place.


I would like to thank Robert Turner for his years of service; from his serving in Vietnam, the City Council of Racine, and as an Assemblyman.  Few men are like him today, the City of Racine and the West 6th St. area will miss him. God Bless and God Speed.


Mason moved to this area only because he needed a new assembly district, since the way his old one was redrawn, Mason knew he could not win reelection in the redrawn district.


Mason therefor moved into this one making it known (IMHO) he would be running in a primary vs. Turner for Bob’s seat.


Now it gets interesting.

I was at a meeting where I overheard a conversion where Mr. Turner talked about the upcoming campaign, and how he was looking forward to it. He knew that he could win reelection but it could be a fight. Based on what I head Mr. Turner had every chance of winning.


So what happened? Why did Mr. Turner then retire?  Well, what I think happened is this: The Democratic Party State Leadership, under pressure from both Labor (who lose Mason) and the Payback king Mayor John Dickert, convinced Mr. Turner to retire. Perhaps even offering something should Governor Walker get recalled. Well, you should remember that at one time, Cory “the Tick” Mason was even thinking about running for LT Governor in the Recall.


I suspect that The State Party leaders also made sure that Bob knew he’d get no help from them in any form but Mason would.


So, in other words, it’s far more critical to have a white male, left wing, Union hack in Madison who will go along with the lonely left then an African-American who wants to help the City of Racine.

Mr. Mason should know that I am taking every opportunity to tell my neighbors about what IMHO is Racism by the Democratic Party of Racine.

Racine Schools Bernhard Rust is in the House!




Unlike other posts I am rather torn. IMHO Racine School teachers are doing the best  job they know how in some very trying times. Many teachers are not only using their own cash for the kids but often having to be Mom/Dad to children who at home only have Welfare queens and crack Dads.

The leadership of RUSD as I see it however are nothing more then lackeys doing the bidding of the real masters of Racine insuring that our poor can not read/write or do math, insuring a vast pool of cheep labor.

I truly feel that RUSD Job #1 is to provide this pool.


I had two kids go to RUSD schools. My wife and I were involved in the Schools  we read at home went to School events, did the fund raising  the schools wanted and more.  My wife and I became rather upset with what we saw, so much so that we are working to insure our Grandkids do not have to go to the Shitholes that is RUSD Schools.

I think I will be also able in my postings on RUSD to show the civil war within the Democratic machine here in the City of Racine and how that plays a role not only in why our schools are poor but behind the sceens actions of the local

Democratic Party.


A story One of our daughters went to Case High School where she in helping to stop a fight between two kids was hit in the face with Brass Knuckles the young man who hit her locker was searched and Drugs where found.

My daughter was out of school longer then that Young Man was.

My wife and I called and called the school to get answers none were forthcoming.  When I went to Case to meet with the Principal I was treated as a thug and was told this (the event) was none of my business.


Later on with this same Child of ours my wife and to use the thereat of a lawsuit to get Park HS to Follow the M-Team written outline for our daughter.

I will for sure use this to talk about why voting NO is the only thing to do on any Referendum for RUSD

Marble in City Hall Bathrooms Hermann Schmitz Lives

As we know the City of Racine has no money. Yet new Bathrooms costing over $300,000 are being put in the new City Hall Bathrooms. Do you spend money you do not have on decorations you do not need?  As one can argue if new bathrooms where needed at City Hall, I do not understand why Marble Bathrooms were built.

But wait! look more closely at the project. Who got the money for that part of the Contract? Might they be pals of Mayor John Dickert?  Might the cash for this project help them out of a huge jam? Do you think that if a FOJ got that part of the contract is was just the way it went down or do you think might be more to this?

See things like this is what gets folks wondering about who the City of Racine is ran for the folks who live here or the Good Old Boys who like Ticks suck off the blood of tax payers.

Of course we the public bitches we get told we do not understand that’s is another pot of money that the spending helps keep folks employed   that sort of thing. Why the new bathrooms now? could they not have waited?  Are we seeing FOJ getting rewarded for being a good  Crony?  Hey you and I might have t hold back on Home repairs but not The Mayor’s City Hall. Maybe Obama can only use Marble Bathrooms?

Unions are crushed! Fritz Sauckel is pleased!


Back in 2/11 the City signed contacts with Local 67 before Act #10 was made law at the time we where told a bunch of BS on how this was the right thing to do in factFrom the Racine Journal Times 3/1/11

” The contracts with four city unions — Racine Professional Employees Association, Service Employees International Union District 1199 and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 430 — allow them to transition gradually into the changes outlined in the governor’s proposal, according to Deputy City Attorney Scott Letteney, lead union labor negotiator for city.”


and more

… “The move, which goes before the Council Tuesday, comes because the city is facing a $2 million deficit in the 2013 budget from the wage and benefit provisions in those prospective contracts, driven in large part by increasing health care costs, according to City Administrator Tom Friedel”….


Even then sitting City Councilmen such as Dave Maack had worries ” “I’m concerned about the future budgets and the ramifications this will have,” he said.” My guess is the Mayor knew the numbers but his re-election was job one.  After all Downtown Racine needs an Ice Rink!

Of course the contract got passed Act 10 got passed Walker won the Recall and the leadership of Racine woke up and knows we do not have the money to pay the contracts

So last night the City council FUCKED the Unions and will work to redo or end the signed contracts so The City is not in as deep of hole as we were.

Of course this will go to court and be a big fight another group legal bills for us to pay.

Why now? Well Dickert has no race to run, the Unions got to spend lots of money and donate lots of time to the local Democratic machine in a hopeless effort to save Wisconsin for the Looney left.  As I see it the rank and file get hurt leadership not so much.

I look for a lot of public works to go away too, my guess is the trash  collection will be outsourced.

Yes how Mayor John Dicker loves the Unions!   Interesting to note that as Scott Walker has given up wages ect in the past to share the pain Mayor John Dickert I understand has not.

Another question how does Mayor Dickert even think of anything for Downdown Racine as in toys as he cuts the Rank and file to bits? Might it just be about him?



The Fall of CAR 25

Where do I even begin to talk about what I see as a take over of a City department  the benefit of the Mayor of Racine and the economic benefit of a pal of the Mayor of Racine.

This is very much on going and not a lot we know for sure but the City Council members I have talked to are not liking what they do know and the story as explained to me is very strange.

This morning I put two open records requests into the City of Racine to uncover I hope a smoking gun.


From the City of Racine’s web page

History of CAR25

CAR25 was started in 2003-2004 as a Community Access/Government Programming

channel serving the greater Racine Area. Racine Residents are encouraged to become

Producers with CAR25 enabling them to use channel equipment to produce programming

of their choice, for broadcast on CAR25. CAR25 is Racine’s Offical Source for Common

Council Meetings and Committee Of The Whole Meetings. CAR25 broadcasts on

Time Warner Cable & AT&T U-Verse. Online streaming will be coming soon!

In full disclosure I was a Cable Commissioner for a few years and do volunteer work as time allows.

As I understand it CAR 25 has the smallest budget of any city department and is NOT paid for by tax $$ but by fees paid to the City by Time Warner and ATT. This amount is over 600,000 of that amount CAR 25 gets about 75,000-80,000 of that amount.

Now in the day of Mayor Becker no issues no worries, in fact Mayor Becker was on a few CAR 25 shows done by  both city staff and producers from the public.

He was on my first show I made called Racine Underground Cinema, I believe he was on  many others. Point being he liked and work with CAR 25 and saw the possibilities that CATV offered.

This would all change with the Election of Mayor John Dickert.

Here is just one of the many Stories of Mayor Dickert’s wantin g to turn CAR 25 into IMHO the John Dickert is GOD outlet

From the Racine Post

Mayor’s pick withdraws, city posts part-time CAR25 job

Update 2: Here’s a report from Monday night’s meeting:

After approving the previous minutes, the Cable Commission opened up the meeting for comments from the public, which is the usual procedure. An Alderman and two citizens spoke giving comments that were at times pointedly against the idea of a consultant, and at other times more vague, but seemingly meant to oppose the consultant. Then Mayor Dickert dropped the bombshell of the evening saying that Sandy Petrykowski had withdrawn her name from consideration, and he was then opening up the whole process to the Cable Commission for their input.

This was like throwing the ball into the air and having it explode into a hundred pieces. The Mayor wants an RFP process with the stipulation that if anyone presently on the Cable Commission wants to apply, then they have to resign from the commission. There was a long, far-reaching, usually cordial, discussion that followed, even though a couple of exchanges between the Mayor and Alderman Coe and Alderman Shields might be called animated.

The Mayor scored the point that the $40,000.00 had always been for a personal services contract and that if the Cable Commission did not want a PSC then the money would have to be legally moved. Most of the commission members wanted additional part-time city employees to assist Scott Nelson, the only CAR 25 employee. There was some disagreement in the math about the cost of additional city personnel. Chase Hendrix, Chair of the Cable Commission, said that a consultant is an impossibility, because of the legal definition of contract workers and the requirements of the position.

The atmosphere was very electric considering that this committee labors mostly in total obscurity. Five aldermen, the Mayor, three founding members of CAR 25, a couple of media personalities, and a county board candidate all firing facts, opinions, and hyperbole around the room like a bad game of beach volleyball. After a non-stop hour of discussion some got a little sand in their face even when they had come just to sit in the bleachers. And as with every step of this process, the Cable Commission will convene in two weeks to sort out the twists and turns of the evening. It’s going to take them that long to get the sand out of their teeth. They will then give their recommendation.

Update: The consultant withdrew her name for the $40,000 no-bid contract to overhaul CAR25.

Original post: We’re a bit late on this, but here’s the job posting for a part-time job working for CAR25, which was posted earlier this month. The Cable Commission met tonight to discuss the $40,000 contract Mayor John Dickert hopes will go to Sandy Petrykowski, a professional TV journalist who worked for ABC News, CNN, National Geographic and others. If you were at the meeting, we’d like to hear what went down.

Here’s the CAR25’s open job posting, which is entirely separate from the $40,000 consultant’s contract:

The City of Racine will be accepting applications and resumes for the position of Cable Communications Coordinator with the Cable Access Racine channel (CAR25) until filled. This part-time position is approximately 10 to 15 hours per week and reports to the City of Racine’s Information Systems Director. Responsibilities include bulletin board announcements, program playback editing and video content program production. Salary for the position is $16.30 per hour. A complete job description can be found by clicking here and an application can be found by clicking here. A resume without an application may not be considered. Interested applicants should send both a resume and a signed application to:

The City of Racine Attn: Human Resources Department
730 Washington Ave.
Racine, WI 53403
or FAX 262-636-9585
or e-mail jobs@cityofracine.org

FYI I have yet to talk to anyone who saw the Documentary she was doing  on Mayor John Dickert

Now what we have going on is a RFP for if I understand right to manage CAR 25 however no one knew on the Cable Commission about this before hand or did they?  at 70K for a budget the folks I talked to said no way can anyone do any better then last night the number of 300,000 comes up.

And it gets better in a very interesting way. For now I have to wait for my open records to take place I am hoping that perhaps a source maybe able to provide copies faster. More when I have it

Racine the Fall

We have no money. We may have no leadership. We have poor schools, High unemployment.  Many think the last election was stolen by the Democratic Machine  ran by Mayor John Dickert. Yes it get worse. Follow Racine as we descend to a Hell we may not have made but we sure be living in one

We have no money

Racine WI like lots of Cities has  little to no money. State aid was cut last year and will be cut more this year. This year the City cut Bus service and just today, the Dept of Heath said they will be cutting a WIC office and combining the one at City Hall with one on the North Side of Town. The Paper said”Instead, clients will be transferred to the Health and Nutrition Services of Racine at 2316 Rapids Drive in a consolidation effort due to budget and staff constraints, according to a press release from the health department this week.” from the Journal Times  7/11/12

This will take place in August

So even more cuts are underway. I would not be surprised if we would see more cuts to come.

Is there a plan or planing going on to reduce the money that Racine spends? I have not read of any and I hope by now we would have. Obama is not coming with a check.