Wolfman Reports!




Once again the Wolfman reports on what he sees going on in the City of Racine

today he is looking at property values

His views are his own


Property Values For City of Racine 07/29/12 per Sales, Page 3C Racine Journal Times


Note that many of the properties are FORECLOSURES – so it is not a valid sale – it is “DISQUALIFIED” and so stated in the record. Most homes in Racine that  are foreclosed upon also have large equity loans attached – note that huge difference between the assessed value and the mortgage.  Some of these are strategic defaults. If you are stuck in a home that is seriously underwater it may be to your advantage to give the keys back to the Bank, or the Mortgage Note Holder. Consult a professional first before strategically defaulting.


City of Racine Property Tax Assessment: http://www.cityofracine.org/City/Departments/Assessor/WebPro.aspx?id=1647


Address                                               Sale Price             Assessed Value                Sale Validity/Foreclosure

4144 Bristol Pl.                                    $168,000              $240,600                              Valid/Private Party

1008 West Lawn                                  $155,700              $114,000                              Foreclosure/Disqualified

921 Wolff St.                                        $155,100              $106,000                              Foreclosure/Disqualified

521 William St.                                    $140,000              $165,000                              ?/Disqualified?

2910 Northwestern                               $126,000              $126,000                              ?/Disqualified?

456 Mulberry Ln.                                  $122,500              $180,000                              ?/Disqualified?

4921 Maryland                                     $115,000              $122,000                              Private Party

3353 Sixth Ave.                                    $109,500              $113,000                              Private Party

2516 Taylor                                          $105,000              $119,000                              Private Party

3501 Indiana                                         $99,000               $126,000                              Private Party

1819 Franklin St.                                  $94,500               $84,000                                 Foreclosure/Disqualified

3501 Spruce St.                                   $92,000                $118,000                              ?/Disqualified

1520 Kentucky St.                                $86,000                $68,000                                  Foreclosure/Disqualified

1103 Roosevelt                                     $76,920                 $80,000                                ?/Disqualified

818 English                                          $66,200                  $98,000                                 Private Party

1551 Taylor                                          $40,750                  $76,000                                  Private Party

2612 Geneva St.                                  $36,000                   $100,000                              ?/Disqualified

436 Park View Dr.                                $35,000                   $68,000                                   Private Party

2055 Howe St.                                      $25,100                  $95,000                                  Private Party

1135 Park Ave.                                     $20,000                   $80,000                                ?/Disq/Foreclosure?





Thanks Wolfman!

My notes In 2010 from a Document I have from the City Assessors office there were 412 Sheriff’s Sales  in the City of Racine, in 1995 30 in 2005 116.


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  1. I judge this is a sincere zealous article office.Thanks Again. Truly Great.

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