Yes we have no Bananas and Little Leadership with Email!





So its day 4 of the great crushing of the City of Racine City Unions.  Open acknowledgment that the City is at least 2 million in the Red.  The City has found itself in another law suit that will cost us more money we do not have.

So far that I can see little if anything is being done to find a way out of this mess it may be worse then we think.

The City Hall Bathroom project that stated at about 200K and is now over 300K .  NO one I have talked to has given me a ball park number of the final amount.

I have talk to others who tell me that a Subcontractor is having major issues in their part of the job.

So I sent this Yesterday:

I,  Request a status update with the timeline of completion and where all the subcontractors are in their progress on the City of Racine Bathroom constriction, if they will be on time and if not why
As well any Change Orders due to delay/errors by  subcontractors.
PDF of Documents if any would be fine. I understand that there may be a charge for copies. Please let me know if there may be any before hand.
See if there is an issue with one or more subcontractor should we not know that issue and who the Subcontractor may be?
IMHO every project underway or about to take place that can be stomped by the  City needs to be, until everyone knows how much debit the City is in and how are we going to fix it. Anything less is just foolish.

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