Racine is burning




So Racine is burning.

The City Council and Mayor Dickert, by the vote taken on Tuesday 6/17/12 said as much when they  voted to void the Union Contract(s) claiming the City has no money to pay the contracts (Insert snarky statement about  City Hall mispending).

So something needed to be done and the City chose this. This of course will get the City sued costing more money that we do not have and set off a whole list of actions. I feel have been planed for some time that however is  a subject for another post.

What I fail to understand is why the Mayor or failing his leadership the City Council or even a caring Alderman or two do not host a series of come to Jesus  meeting where the public is told the facts and asked what the hell should the City do?

Mayor Becker did this one time, I was there and I understood after what was going on and the options.

Might it be that Becker cared more about Racine then Mayor John Dickert?

Might it be that our leaders now only care about looking good and finding Sanders Park?

So Racine has huge money issues that the City themself say we do. Why are they  not talking about forming a plan of action?



4 Responses to Racine is burning

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Are you refering to the $200 million debt the city has?

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    Look at pages 8-9 of the 2012 City Budget. It appears it’s more than $200M

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