Racine Schools Bernhard Rust is in the House!




Unlike other posts I am rather torn. IMHO Racine School teachers are doing the best  job they know how in some very trying times. Many teachers are not only using their own cash for the kids but often having to be Mom/Dad to children who at home only have Welfare queens and crack Dads.

The leadership of RUSD as I see it however are nothing more then lackeys doing the bidding of the real masters of Racine insuring that our poor can not read/write or do math, insuring a vast pool of cheep labor.

I truly feel that RUSD Job #1 is to provide this pool.


I had two kids go to RUSD schools. My wife and I were involved in the Schools  we read at home went to School events, did the fund raising  the schools wanted and more.  My wife and I became rather upset with what we saw, so much so that we are working to insure our Grandkids do not have to go to the Shitholes that is RUSD Schools.

I think I will be also able in my postings on RUSD to show the civil war within the Democratic machine here in the City of Racine and how that plays a role not only in why our schools are poor but behind the sceens actions of the local

Democratic Party.


A story One of our daughters went to Case High School where she in helping to stop a fight between two kids was hit in the face with Brass Knuckles the young man who hit her locker was searched and Drugs where found.

My daughter was out of school longer then that Young Man was.

My wife and I called and called the school to get answers none were forthcoming.  When I went to Case to meet with the Principal I was treated as a thug and was told this (the event) was none of my business.


Later on with this same Child of ours my wife and to use the thereat of a lawsuit to get Park HS to Follow the M-Team written outline for our daughter.

I will for sure use this to talk about why voting NO is the only thing to do on any Referendum for RUSD

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