Marble in City Hall Bathrooms Hermann Schmitz Lives

As we know the City of Racine has no money. Yet new Bathrooms costing over $300,000 are being put in the new City Hall Bathrooms. Do you spend money you do not have on decorations you do not need?  As one can argue if new bathrooms where needed at City Hall, I do not understand why Marble Bathrooms were built.

But wait! look more closely at the project. Who got the money for that part of the Contract? Might they be pals of Mayor John Dickert?  Might the cash for this project help them out of a huge jam? Do you think that if a FOJ got that part of the contract is was just the way it went down or do you think might be more to this?

See things like this is what gets folks wondering about who the City of Racine is ran for the folks who live here or the Good Old Boys who like Ticks suck off the blood of tax payers.

Of course we the public bitches we get told we do not understand that’s is another pot of money that the spending helps keep folks employed   that sort of thing. Why the new bathrooms now? could they not have waited?  Are we seeing FOJ getting rewarded for being a good  Crony?  Hey you and I might have t hold back on Home repairs but not The Mayor’s City Hall. Maybe Obama can only use Marble Bathrooms?

One Response to Marble in City Hall Bathrooms Hermann Schmitz Lives

  1. enicar666 says:

    That FOJ (friend of John) owns Absolute Construction!

    The price for the Bathrooms has been INCREASED – markedly, by change orders! Looks like the bid overlooked the adjacent Janitor closets – *wink* *wink*! Tens of thousand more will be needed!

    Then lets’ see where else we can find Absolute Construction – OH LOOK! They are at Gateway, Racine Campus!

    I see one of their trucks parked just off Main ST. North of the Zoo – close to No Jobs Johnny and his home in North Bay! They are almost neighbors! What a coincidence!!

    No Jobs Johnny is playing the residents of Racine for FOOLS and SUCKERS! AND – HE IS RIGHT!

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