Unions are crushed! Fritz Sauckel is pleased!


Back in 2/11 the City signed contacts with Local 67 before Act #10 was made law at the time we where told a bunch of BS on how this was the right thing to do in factFrom the Racine Journal Times 3/1/11

” The contracts with four city unions — Racine Professional Employees Association, Service Employees International Union District 1199 and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 430 — allow them to transition gradually into the changes outlined in the governor’s proposal, according to Deputy City Attorney Scott Letteney, lead union labor negotiator for city.”


and more

… “The move, which goes before the Council Tuesday, comes because the city is facing a $2 million deficit in the 2013 budget from the wage and benefit provisions in those prospective contracts, driven in large part by increasing health care costs, according to City Administrator Tom Friedel”….


Even then sitting City Councilmen such as Dave Maack had worries ” “I’m concerned about the future budgets and the ramifications this will have,” he said.” My guess is the Mayor knew the numbers but his re-election was job one.  After all Downtown Racine needs an Ice Rink!

Of course the contract got passed Act 10 got passed Walker won the Recall and the leadership of Racine woke up and knows we do not have the money to pay the contracts

So last night the City council FUCKED the Unions and will work to redo or end the signed contracts so The City is not in as deep of hole as we were.

Of course this will go to court and be a big fight another group legal bills for us to pay.

Why now? Well Dickert has no race to run, the Unions got to spend lots of money and donate lots of time to the local Democratic machine in a hopeless effort to save Wisconsin for the Looney left.  As I see it the rank and file get hurt leadership not so much.

I look for a lot of public works to go away too, my guess is the trash  collection will be outsourced.

Yes how Mayor John Dicker loves the Unions!   Interesting to note that as Scott Walker has given up wages ect in the past to share the pain Mayor John Dickert I understand has not.

Another question how does Mayor Dickert even think of anything for Downdown Racine as in toys as he cuts the Rank and file to bits? Might it just be about him?



One Response to Unions are crushed! Fritz Sauckel is pleased!

  1. enicar666 says:


    NOW – No Jobs Johnny says he made a mistake – and wants to rescind promises he made to employees – with taxpayer $$$.

    No Jobs Johnny also increased City provided Health Care coverage to include domestic partners.

    NOW – No Jobs Johnny wants to take back his promises – claims he can’t deliver!!



    What till he raises you property taxes to pay for HIS BIG MOUTH!

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