We have no money

Racine WI like lots of Cities has  little to no money. State aid was cut last year and will be cut more this year. This year the City cut Bus service and just today, the Dept of Heath said they will be cutting a WIC office and combining the one at City Hall with one on the North Side of Town. The Paper said”Instead, clients will be transferred to the Health and Nutrition Services of Racine at 2316 Rapids Drive in a consolidation effort due to budget and staff constraints, according to a press release from the health department this week.” from the Journal Times  7/11/12

This will take place in August

So even more cuts are underway. I would not be surprised if we would see more cuts to come.

Is there a plan or planing going on to reduce the money that Racine spends? I have not read of any and I hope by now we would have. Obama is not coming with a check.

2 Responses to We have no money

  1. CRG of Racine says:

    CRG of Racine advised the Council in December of 2010 that it was foolish to renew contracts before the new Governor Walker was sworn in and presented his new revised budgets. CRG advised the Mayor, the Council and the viewers of Car 25..to wait, there was no need to rush..

    The unions rammed those extensions thru in Jan- April of 2011 and the Council members were too timid to say No! If you recall that was when the FleeBagging 14 were away in Rockford. Jeff Coe was still an Alderman, Eric Marcus, Maack were still seated as well and they feared the power of the Union’s that were demonstrating in Madison. Since then the Prosser-Kloppenberg race..was lost by the Unionista’s, and Walker trounced Barrett a second time. The fact that Lehman won (barely and by fraud), has steeled the spine of our Council members..in face of the new reality. THE UNIONS have no more power, and even less money to challenge our Council.

    This is such great news for our city’s future. The voiding of the contracts would be a huge savings for the taxpayers. i urge the City to go full speed ahead. Call it “Dickerts Revenge”. Or “See It told You so!” But in either case we the taxpayers of Racine can now explore other options like downsizing, outsourcing, and holding out the rules that benefit the CUSTOMER/ Taxpayer; rather than the employee.

    CRG Stands by the position that the EMPLOYEES work for the Taxpayers, not the other way around. Our City is not a Job’s program for career Govt. employees.

  2. enicar666 says:

    As long as LOOTERS and DEFEATED TAXERS/SPENDERS like Dickert are in charge – no solutions CAN be found, and no progress will be made. Racine WILL lose, because a LOSER, John Dickert is in charge. You get what you deserve – RACINE!

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