Racine the Fall

We have no money. We may have no leadership. We have poor schools, High unemployment.  Many think the last election was stolen by the Democratic Machine  ran by Mayor John Dickert. Yes it get worse. Follow Racine as we descend to a Hell we may not have made but we sure be living in one

One Response to Racine the Fall

  1. enicar666 says:

    There is PLENTY of money. What we have is grossly overpaid public employees and government officials. Salaries and benefits need to be slashed by 50-75% to bring them in line with modern global economic reality. Government Officials are only interested in making as much as they can, as fast as they can, retiring as early as they can, then taking their lavish pensions and benefits and leaving for a warmer climate with no income tax and low property tax. It’s all a scam – and now that they’ve driven too many businesses away with their excessive taxation – the Community is being systematically looted and is headed for financial collapse. It won’t change – because those doing the looting are giving the taxpayer $$$ to those who run the City behind the scenes and make sure “the right people” get elected. If you’re a property owner in Racine – your best bet may e to give the keys back to the bank and walk away.

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